Irritating Hockey Stuff

I was going to do the final update for you on how the whole truffles thing turned out.? However, I am currently sitting in a fricken cold hockey rink watching my child pretend that he actually likes hockey.? Moreover, he’s pretending that he doesn’t know how to skate so his parents will give up.? Truth is the kid can skate, and he can actually skate well (for a 4 year old).? He just missed his Dad this week and doesn’t want to let him out of his sight.? Mommy?? Well, he’s tired of her.

I have mixed feelings about this hockey thing.? He does like it.? He says he has fun.? He loves one of the coaches and he’s good.? The boy… well the coach too.? My problem is with the program in general.

The boy’s class is up to 30 kids now.? There are technically only 3 coaches for the class.? The class has grown so much that they are letting parents on the ice, recruiting other coaches and some high school kids to help teach.? Ths is all well and good, but the littlest kids, the ones who are just learning how to skate are falling through the cracks.? That would include my kid.? I don’t expect this to be a one on one hockey session, but I do think that I am paying them to teach my kid, not paying them for Derek to teach my kid.

Last week the guy who is the head of the program told us that he was going to arrange a coach to work one on one with the boy, just for today.? When we got here there was no coach for Oleg.? And I’m a little pissed about it.

I want to keep the boy in hockey.? He is improving, but not at the rate he could be.? When I signed up I thought this was a learn to skate program.? Not an open ice for kids on actual teams program.? My only other option at this point is to move him to another rink, but we would lose the coach the boy loves.? That and the other rink is 40 minutes away from our house.? It is a horrible catch 22.

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  1. Has nothing to do with the post (sorry about the hockey stuff though) but I am lusting after your asian inspired bag on Etsy. Lovely!

  2. I’m with you on that. You pay for one advertised service but the experience is totally different. Is there a way you could pay for a few one on one lessons with that particular coach, combined with some Derek on the ice fun, and get him back into lessons when he’s got some more skill under his belt? I’m a freak when I’ve spent money on something. Like my mom I expect it to be Perfect and Last Forever. 🙂 totally reasonable.

  3. Lauren says: Reply

    We went through something like this too with Belle’s ice skating lessons. And they weren’t cheap either. I say you should talk to the director of the program.

  4. MIL says: Reply

    Great suggestions from Jenny – or maybe this all adds up to just going to the ice rink for fun with you and Derek for a while instead of actual lessons (can you get a refund or might they credit your acct) . . . and subtly slip in a few “hockey pointers” to your very smart and hard-to-trick son! :-)) Luv ya!

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