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For those of you still suffering with Internet Explorer let me open your world to a whole new kind of internet. You may have heard me mention Mozilla or Firefox. If not, you just weren’t paying attention. This is a way for you to reclaim your internet.

If you have yet to download this little gem I highly suggest you do it right NOW!!! Fewer pop-ups, better security and killer add ons.

The other little bit Mozilla has to offer is that my blog designs show up the way I want them to. That and you can change the theme of your browser. Currently my screen is the iPox theme. The home button is a little iPod and it is just darn spiffy.

As for add ons. Well I have a tool bar called Rubnub for your Yubnub. Sound odd. Well it is. It is like a search bar. You type stuff into the tool bar and it takes you exactly where you want it to. So for instance. I have it set that if I type the word “blog” it takes me to the Blogger Dashboard. The other feature is if you type the word “Simpsons” it gives you a totally random Simpsons quote. Completely useless, but fun.

Of course there are other add-ons. Take for instance the one D found last night. It is called Security Level or something. It puts a little box in the lower right hand corner that tells you what the current national security threat level is. Again totally useless, but somehow D thought is was funny, so he installed it. I can tell you that the current national security threat level is yellow (or elevated for the dummies like me.)

I must not have enough to do if I am posting about the wonders of Mozilla. But seriously… download it. You’ll thank me later.

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  1. Gaye & Andrew says: Reply

    Derek & Elle…you would get along great with my computer engineer (geek) husband. He actually laughs when people get on IE and has no patience for my work database because it only works with IE. One thing that I have noticed though is that sometimes I can’t see photos on blogs in Firefox…gaye

  2. Captain Smartypants says: Reply

    Jen… Mozilla is basically written from the same code as Netscape, so if a site is coded for Netscape it will work for Mozilla.

    Liv the problems you’re having with IE are the reason to get Mozilla 😉

  3. Elle says: Reply

    Not sure what that is about. I swear I did not encode some kind of weird stuff into the post. I tell you, Big Bill is out to get me. Maybe the Microsoft spies saw that I was advertising for another browser and sabbotaged me!

    Big Bill if you read this I do use Microsoft product!! My keyboard and mouse are even Microsoft. I use your web design, word processing and email software (sorry Jake). Please don’t sabbotage my friends.

  4. Liv says: Reply

    I never went to the Mozilla site, but ever since I read your post about it, I get errors every time I run IE, and I get weird pop ups… what’s up with that?

  5. Jessica says: Reply

    I love the Mozilla products! I use Thunderbird for my e-mail because Outlook is such a security risk these days. It’s bad enough that my husband, a network admin type of guy, requested that I uninstall it from the computer.

  6. Jonathan says: Reply

    Hi Elle – I’m delighted that you find YubNub useful. Yay!

    (and nice site graphics btw)

  7. Tricia says: Reply

    I’ll have to check this out. I have never considered switching from IE. Don’t have any problems that I know about. Thanks for the tidbit.

  8. jeneflower says: Reply

    It sounds cool, but my concern is that some programs or downloads say they work best with Internet Explorer or Netscape. Is this not true?

  9. Elle says: Reply

    I really do think Big Bill is out to get me.

  10. Margaret says: Reply

    IE is on to you, L. Every time I go to the Mozilla webpage I get an IE error that shuts the web down. Swear to goodness.

  11. Rhonda says: Reply

    I agree. Mozilla ROCKS.

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