Did I mention that Derek is going on a business trip for 6 days starting tomorrow. It is bad enough that I’ve barely seen him in the past 6 weeks, and that I will not see him for most of the month of June, but 6 days. This is the longest he’s ever been gone. To make matters worse he’ll be gone over the weekend. And to his sister’s house in sunny California no less. While we are stuck here in rainy WA.

Did I also mention that I am currently child free. I have been so since about 11:30 yesterday morning. The boy stayed with my mom last night and she isn’t bringing him back until 4:30ish today.

We have these corporate people coming tonight so I’ve spent most of the morning cleaning. The afternoon will be spent cooking. Of course I needed to go out and buy the food to cook. There was also a big note on the fridge that I had to stop and get coffee. Not a coffee, but coffee in general. He didn’t think of that while we were at the Original Starbucks on Monday night and he was purchasing cups for our BIL? Nope. Thus necessitated a trip to Starbucks. Normally I’m all over that, but today I wasn’t so much in the mood for a coffee. Shocking I know. However, right next door to our local Starbucks is a nail salon.

I need a manicure. Why not. It’s not like I have to be anywhere at this very second. Oh wait… corporate people… back bathroom not clean… dinner not bought… meat in car… oh what’s a little food poisoning between friends.

“Hi! Do you have time for a walk-in?” she says to the one lady in the empty nail salon.

“oh yeah honey, you come and sit down right here.”

I am very picky about my nail salons. They have to be clean. I mean spotless clean. And this place fit the bill. I sat quietly while the lady did my nails and then the owner of the salon showed up. How do I know this chick who was younger than me was the owner? Our conversations went much like this:

Her: “What?? You don’t want a pedicure?”

Me: “no, no time today.”

Later, as I’m paying.

Her: “You need to get your eyebrows done.”

Me (in my head): Hey you should have seen them before I actually started plucking them

Me (out loud):? Yes, I know.? Maybe next time.

Lady who did my nails: Bye-bye, next time you come back and get a pedicure.

Man are they persistent or what.

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  1. Lena says: Reply

    Dibs for a playdate these upcoming days as soon as Pink Princess gets rid of her fever.

  2. Jenny says: Reply

    Due to complete embarrassment on my part at R’s blog, I will not be offering to make out with you.

    But I’d love to know where you got your nails done.

    And a playdate would be great before I lose it and set my house a’fire just so I don’t have to clean it.

  3. Elle says: Reply

    But Jenny, I like making out with you.

  4. Jenny says: Reply

    GAWD, you just slay me! 🙂

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