In which I get all geeky

A few months ago the trusty husband sent me an IM that had a link to the announcement that Adobe was coming out with Creative Suite 5 (for the non in-the-know this is the group of programs that is Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, inDesign. ?The programs I use to well… live). ?I read a few bits about it and thought meh. ?I have CS4 so no biggie. ?The big hype was that Photoshop was going to be 64 bit (better graphics) for Mac. ?I work on a PC and already have 64 bit Photoshop (neener, neener, neener) so I didn’t care. ?Then the trusty husband IMs me a like yesterday for a video. ?A video that totally changed my mind about wanting CS5. ?A video that made me hug my laptop just a little bit, right before I threw it out the window because it is so damn slow and takes 45 minutes just to open Safari (stupid laptop).

Needless to say, I want CS5. ?Why, because all that time I spend photoshopping myself so I don’t look old will only take like 2 seconds. ?Then I can get on to the more important part of my day like drinking coffee and looking at shiny objects.

Ohh Look!

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  1. I…want…THAT.

  2. My hubby was at a workshop where they demonstrated this and came home drooling.

  3. […] of Adobe Design Standard CS5 arrived. ?This time the church paid for it so it is even better. ?I wrote previously about how I was so looking forward to it because of the new content aware feature. ?Tonight I […]

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