In Soviet Russia, pants wear you

So we have this running joke with Neal about Soviet Russia. He and the trusty husband have this bit about, “In Soviet Russia __________, _________’s you.” Fill in the blank. Blog writes you, pants wear you. It goes on and on. So when I was coming up with an idea for this month’s look I had been staring at my computer background which looks like this…


I’ve been looking at that background for a very long time now. Normally, wallpaper is on my computer for a week at the most. I’ll wake up in the morning, turn on the monitor and BAM! New look. The trusty husband changes it all. the. time. It gets annoying sometimes. Evidently he likes this one because it’s been around a good month now.

I was going to be lazy and steal the actual graphic the other artist created and make a header out of that. I tried. It sucked. So I set about to make one on my own. I had that brocade looking texture and used it in my July 2007 look. Bad news is when we got the new computer parts I forgot to save my textures and it’s now gone. I also can’t find it on the internet. I had to do a bit of a work around to extract it from the original July background graphic. (Willow, I’ll see if I can’t whittle it out again)

Throw all of this together, and some creative internet searches, and you have the start of the new year. Don’t read anything into it. I think it’s funny, the trusty husband and Neal think it’s funny. And it’s different.

What will really get you is that I spent a total of 5 weeks in Russia and after my children and churches the thing I took the most photos of were Soviet style art. It is everywhere. I had a really poignant post about Soviet history and how this all came about, but I deleted it trying to upload this little video for you. So instead of some deep thought you get “what the trusty husband and I were doing last night” or “why the trusty husband will never believe me again when I say, ‘can you put together a quick little video for me?'”

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  1. DebiP says: Reply

    I like it…very creative…and the video watched me I just know it….hehehe…funny you have that running joke DH and some of the guys in our hood have the same joke…

  2. Love the video… you get way better results from your “quick” projects than I do!!

  3. NEAL says: Reply

    The hat tip is appreciated.

    Wonderful video.

    We’ve been talking about the ‘when’ we go abroad in the future (say 6 years from now). Russia is on the top of the list. Though it won’t be like last time, Jan. to May in St. Petersburg. That’s cold. Kids would complain. Adults would complain.

    Thank you, Elle!

    In Russia, blog comment writes you.

  4. NEAL says: Reply

    Oh, it is additionally funny with the stamp. EVERYTHING has a stamp or needs a stamp in that country. Especially when coming through customs. I have a sheet with 15 different stamps for one item that was sent to me.

    If you have a cool enough stamp, you could probably overtake the whole country.

  5. Kim says: Reply

    Fun Video. We adopted Noah from Russia in 2005 and boy does that video bring back memories. For months before we would travel my husband would walk around quoting the Simpsons and say “In Soviet Russia car drive you!” 🙂

  6. Jenni says: Reply

    Like the new look, love the video!

    As the video was playing, Vika and Eamon were talking and drinking hot chocolate. Then, Vika’s little tush started moving from side to side, and before long, both she and Eames had put down their drinks and were dancing around the kitchen. Thought you’d like to know that your video inspired a mini-rave at Chez Four Feet More.

  7. Always loved the Russian constructivism thing, so I am digging your new look. Love the video too…I was in St. Petes so I really missed out the real Russian experience.

  8. love the new look.
    Chickadee did not like the video. It reminded her of Russia. 🙁

  9. Rhonda says: Reply

    Love the new look and the video. Kinda makes me want to go back…

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