I’m supposed to write something, right?

We are at day #5 without the trusty husband.? The inevitable “you are never leaving me this long again” phone call happened last night.? The boy melted down after I had the audacity to tell him he could play with his cars on the floor when he insisted that he MUST play with them on a table.? The floor would simply not do.? He was so tired that instead of a straight on Hot Wheels to the forehead he half-assed tossed it on the floor.? When I put the toy away instead of up high where he couldn’t have it we escalated into full on tantrum.? He’s mad at his dad so he takes it out on me.? Kinda like when I get mad at him, I take it out on his dad.? It’s a circle of hate around here.

Other fun things we are dealing with are:

I dripped yogurt on the table and am unable to use my fully functioning problem solving plugin to clean it up so instead I will piss you off and throw the blueberry yogurt across the dining room.


I just pooped 5 minutes ago, but I will say I have to go again so I don’t have to go to bed just because I know it irritates you that much and I know you are out of wine.

It’s a fun life I lead around here right now.? Not to mention it is 50 degrees and rainy and windier than shit so I can’t really throw him outside and wave through the window.? I’m a caring mom like that.

I wandered around Target this morning not knowing why I was there.? I am pretty sure it was to buy toilet paper, but it could have been for bath tub cleaner.? I came home with candy and maybe some Borax.? I can’t remember.

I’ve eaten pizza twice in a week and the only veg I have consumed has come out of a can.? I considered feeding the child chips for dinner and myself the bottle of Bushmills, but thought better of that.? Although, chips would have been gluten free.? Not that he has a problem with that.

We’ve been out of cat food for 2 days.? They can stand to miss a meal can’t they?? Oh, sorry ASPCA.? I have some canned stuff around here somewhere.

Now if you’ll pardon me I’m rethinking that earlier Bushmills decision.

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  1. Lena says: Reply

    It sounds like I should have called you and asked if you really didn’t need a playdate today.

    Sorry I didn’t call, I was too busy watching Euro 2008 soccer in my PJs and oogling and googling over gorgeous Italian soccer players… and drooling over Dutch goals.

    I hope the wine was good.

  2. Welcome (albeit temporarily) to the world of single parenting. You never, ever, ever get a break and every single little thing to do with your home and your child is your responsibility. Isn’t it great?

  3. Ugh. Hope hubby is home soon. Mine hasn’t left for more than 2 1/2 days at a time and I’ve threatened that once #2 comes along he better just table all business trips for the next 12 months or promise me a solo spa vacation twice the length of his trip upon his return.

  4. Sandy says: Reply

    Not Jamesons?

    Kev would take off for a week at a time (but thankfully not that frequently… once a year). But that was hell week. And one time both babies were sick at the same time. Talk about no sleep, crabby mom, crabby babies… UGH. But sleep helped… sleep is always good.

  5. you made it all the way to day 5 before the call? Usually the call occurs around day 3 here.

    Good luck…eat gluten and when D is back have a GIANT glass of something nice…

  6. DebiP says: Reply

    Elle…your almost there…I know about this gone for 5-6 days thing it happens here once in a great while…if you were here I would have had you for dinner every night…that is what I do for my friend whose husband travels more then mine…

  7. Wendy says: Reply

    Hang in there….and hubby had better be bringing an awesome gift for you!

  8. Lee says: Reply

    To get you through until tonight, I will give you a hint of the “awesome gift” that is in his suitcase just for you….wait for it….wait for it…. a bottle of “Russian goodness”…..hmmmmmm

  9. Why use the problem solving plugin when you can fling stuff across the room? Simple problem solving is not NEARLY as immediately satisfying as throwing something!

  10. Good luck with the rest of his trip!! It really sucks when one partner is gone for a while. E is now an Annex engineer, and will be traveling more frequently. Although the extra money is nice, it sucks when he leaves for long stretches. I’m hoping he’ll be in town for at least a month this time….

  11. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Next time, let me know and I’ll deliver the wine and pizza. Mushrooms are vegetables and right now, tomatos are bad so don’t worry.

    Don’t even get me started on the weather – I met a friend for dinner last night and arrived with wind blown hair, sticking to my mouth – I spent time in the car beforehand carefully applying lip gloss. D U M B.

  12. Jenny says: Reply

    Babe: screw the market and come play with us on Thursday. The kids can run around in the rain, watch movies, and wreck general havok at R’s house while we eat.

  13. mom says: Reply

    You can come here anytime for a freedom breather. We’d love to help take some of the pressure off. Yea, yea, I know… we live in the armpit of WA but it would still came you some down time!

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