Ill prepared

You hear all of these rumors about how it rains 365 days a year here in the northwest right.? Then the Californians move here and they screw it all up by telling everyone that, “no, it’s really nice here.”? Damn them all.? We tell people it rains all year long to keep the Californians away.? But they insist on moving up here and snatching up all of the affordable housing and then they cut down all the tress.

Truth is it rains 10 months out of the year in Washington.? More specifically the Puget Sound area.? We get a reprieve from mid July through mid September.? It never rains (with the exception of the third weekend) in August.? Bone dry.? So dry and “hot*” that I usually have to water my window boxes 2-3 times a day in a futile attempt to keep them looking better than the neighbors who have a watering system.

We typically have to pull out every fan we own and cause our house to sound like a wind tunnel in order to get a few hours of sleep each night.

All that sun and hot recharges me.? It gets me through the first few bleak months of fall and winter.

Only this year… not so much.? The lovely weather guy told us that we’ve had more rain this August than June and July combined.? So much that my grass is starting to green back up.? It’s kinda like mother nature giving me that big ol’ middle finger again.? Ha Ha bitch.? I don’t really want you to have a handle on life.? I want you to wallow in your own self pity for a little while longer.? And while we’re at it make that 8 more months of pity.


Add a slight bladder irritation and you’ve got yourself one out of sorts woman.? I’m kinda floating through life right now.? Half there and half distracted by something shiny.? I thought I’d get to come back from California, spend my mornings at the pool, going to the zoo in the afternoon and having a good ol’ time.? Evidently not.? I was so not prepared for this.

I’ll get over this.? I always do.? It’s just going to take switching some herbs around and finding the combo of vitamins that doesn’t make me want to throw up in the morning.? I’m also researching light options that don’t include an expensive plane ticket to Fiji.

And just to warn you… I’m going to follow this post up with “Frustrating to be me” later this week.? And if anyone mentions Lexapro I will cut you like Chicken Tikka.


*hot as in lower 90s

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    How about celexa? Just kidding…that is what my therapist recommended for me and no.. I am not taking it.

  2. Heather says: Reply

    hmmmm, maybe its time for a trip to Vegas :)with Ceasar’s shopping and spa

  3. hmmmm, why on earth would anyone mention Lexapro?

  4. Jessie says: Reply

    So, if all of the Californians are moving to Washington…and all of the Californians are moving to Montana, who the hell is in California?

  5. mom says: Reply

    I still love you!

  6. Chicago was like that when we lived there. The weather sucked- it was always dark and overcast and windy. I always counted on those few months of sun to get me through the year. If they didn’t come then you could find me holed up in a corner shakily repeating positive affirmations like “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow- Bet yer Bottom Dollar” and other crazy stuff.

  7. Jenny says: Reply


    Sorry, can’t resist.

    Really been thinking of you for lots of reasons. Would love a chat. But in the meantime, you can price out those light things and plant tickets for weekend getaways to sunny places. Arizona is nice in February…

  8. Jessie, the Mexicans are in California.

  9. I had the hottest most delish Thai food in ages sat…thought of you, maybe some nan and a super hot tikka will help?

  10. Martha says: Reply

    Sorry dear but Lexapro does it for me. Moving from Michigan to Florida helped alot too. (SAD is a real syndrome). How bout some light therapy? You could start by changing your color scheme on your blog back to dark on light. I would be forever grateful as it’s ever so hard for these old eyes of mine to read.

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