If today gets any worse I might scream

I normally love Wednesdays. I get to sleep in, I don’t have any pressing things to do. It’s great. However, my child showed up in our room at 3:30 this morning. Fell asleep in our bed and started to snore. I feel for any woman who marries this child. Then the trusty husband put the child back in his bed and I finished out my night of sleep.

I started work this morning after breakfast only to find out I can’t send email from my lifeofelle account. That’s great when you use that account for a primary business account and you have to send confirmation emails to customers. I screw around with that for an hour not getting it to work when the trusty husband IMs me and asks if I want to meet him at Costco before lunch. I agree, begrudgingly. I hate Costco. I thought I might get the time to browse around and pick up the garbage bags that we need. We were actually there to get new glasses for the trusty husband and contacts for me. I’ve been wearing my glasses for about a week now because my last pair of contacts ripped.

Picking out glasses with TH is like picking out tennis shoes with him. I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a pencil. Once he finally found the frames he wanted (and I had told the child, “no don’t open that and no you cannot play with the shredder despite the fact the Costco monkeys put it out at toddler level in the open,” for the billionth time) we took our number and waited. This is like when you have to take a number at the post office during the Christmas rush. I said I was going 2 aisles over to look at their office/ scrapbook stuff and TH thought that since we were only 2 numbers away I should stay there. I also told him repeatedly that I would have to see the eye doc there, despite the fact that I had a brand shiny new prescription in my hand. Contact lens fitting and all.

20 minutes later our number is finally called and we order the husband’s glasses. The lady gets to the end of the order and gives us our total. Then TH proclaims, we have such and such insurance. You would have thought we just told this woman her dog died. Big sigh and an eye roll. Heaven forbid this woman have to get up out of her chair, find a form, pick up a phone, punch a bunch of numbers and magically we would only have to pay 1/3 our original total. Oh the humanity.

Transaction #1 complete (because there is no way in hell Costco was going to let us pay once for everything) we tell her I need contacts. “Well… you’ll have to go next door and have a lens fitting for that.” *Evil eye to TH*

Takes 5 minutes for the lens fitting and back to take another number for me. Another 20 minutes later, more eye rolling, and a whopping $10 out of my pocket I have new contacts for the next 6 months.

Come home, email still doesn’t work. I reset everything, I talk with the online chat monkey at dot-dumb hosting and still nothing. The help monkey informed me to email online support. That would be great if I could send emails now wouldn’t it? I spent a total of an hour on hold waiting for a live support person. That worked well. I had a flashback of Russia because their hold music was a Bach song that is on Baby Bach.

Not to mention one of my cats threw up like 6 times all over the house.

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  1. NEAL says: Reply

    You win.

  2. Lena says: Reply

    Sorry you had a bad day.

    I spent my afternoon with 15 preschoolers as a teacher … I will blog about this later, when I have recovered somewhat.

  3. Good times. Gee, can I come hang out with you tomorrow? Sounds like fun!

  4. DebiP says: Reply

    cat barf and costCo…glutton…

  5. Ree says: Reply

    I’m sitting here trying to think of some way to make you feel slightly better, and I see “Comment or I’ll kick your teeth in”. I swear I just spewed tortilla chips all over my laptop screen.

    I hate ANY pick-a-number-and-wait place. But at least you’re not making truffles again this month. (Unfortunately, they were delicious!)

  6. Willow says: Reply

    if there was no blogging, how would you ever get past anything? i know you had to sigh with relief after writing this post. Hopefully all your frustration was left in the words you typed cause I sure a hell felt it!!!!! 🙂

  7. Jenny says: Reply

    Can you get a ghost account for your mail so you can use a yahoo or gmail?

    I used to work with a company that made me an email and I could use my yahoo and just “choose” that account and it looked like it was coming from them but it was really yahoo sending it.

    contacts for 10 bucks!!!! MAN, I wish I had vision insurance.

  8. Having a bad day must be in the air… Quin was having so many problems tonight that he was sent to bed early. Without dinner. And oh, boy, do I feel guilty! He had a huge snack at 4:30, though; that’s the only reason why I was willing to let him miss dinner. Remember Moo the yellow horse? Quin was trying to bounce on Gretchen the way he bounces on Moo. (Moo was taken away because he was bouncing Moo on Gretchen.) Today has been filled with “I want Grekin to go away!” Does that make you feel better? Good luck with the Costco trip in 6 months! Maybe this time TH will remember that you 1) have time to look at office supplies and 2) you need to have a lens fitting before purchasing contacts.

    Three – the age of defiance.

  9. ingelaurie says: Reply

    Today is one of those days. You missed my melt down today at the office. Fun times!

  10. mom says: Reply

    Costco: Parking from hell, customers who’s poo doesn’t stink, and then the check outs. We won’t even go there!

  11. Lauren says: Reply

    So glad that bad bad day is over for you. Hopefully today will go better but your post for today has me a bit worried for you. Good luck!

  12. kate says: Reply

    well… $10 for six months of contacts is amazing!

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