If Mike Tyson were a cat

We got home from the store the other night and I noticed something on the ear of one of our cats. Upon closer inspection I discovered it was dried blood. Evidently our cats had a little argument while we were out buying them cat food. J, our dumb male cat, probably pissed I, our fat female cat, off. She doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Our house looked like something out of a CSI episode. You could follow the trail of "evidence" all over the house.

Exhibit #1: I had a crusty substance on her fur. This was either J slobber (which it usually is) or J’s dried blood.

Exhibit #2: A big spot of dried blood on J’s ear and a missing chunk of said ear. (see photo below)

Exhibit #3: Drops of dried blood in the hall

Exhibit #4: More dried blood in the TV cabinet in our bedroom

Exhibit #5: clumps of grey cat hair on the floor in front of said TV cabinet.

Exhibit #6: tufts of hair coming out of grey cat.

Exhibit #7: tufts of orange cat hair stuck in the claws of said grey cat.

Now I don’t have that fancy CSI testing equipment, but I think this is enough evidence to prove that Isis pulled a Mike Tyson on J. Although, I am sure he totally deserved it.

Does this look like the face of a vicious lunatic to you?

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