If I had to do it again

The day we left Moscow with our brand new child in tow (whom I had already dropped on his head before even leaving the country) I swore I wouldn’t do it again.? I was so adamant about not adopting again I even pondered the thought of an IVF if the natural route didn’t eventually pan out for us.? Yeah.? Crazy*.

The same feelings are settling in after this latest round of Sweet Hope.? This isn’t to say that I don’t love doing this.? It feels like all I’ve done is bitch about this from the day I started.? You guys poured money into my paypal account and in return you are getting kick ass chocolates.? I mean kick a.s.s.!? Says the lady currently eating said chocolate that last week she swore she would never do.? DebiP, I may or may not have licked a few of yours… just for fun.

Well, now that it is all said and done there are a few things I would change.? First, I would only do 5 varieties.? This doesn’t make a nice even dozen, but 12 didn’t fit in the large boxes very well.? You will notice when you get them that there is one variety sitting on top of the rest.? That is the Dark Chocolate.? Like I said, they didn’t fit very well.

I would recruit more help.? It is hard for me to relinquish control of the process, but the little bit of help that I did have was huge.? (Thanks to Neal, Tacoma Chickadee, Kevin, the trusty husband and even the boy**)

I would dump stupid ass PayPal in a heart beat.? You guys better start learning how to use Google checkout because if I ever do this again I am soooooo sooooo sooooo not using PayPal.? Fortunately they didn’t steal my money this time, but it took me over an hour and a half to print all of the shipping labels.? I would rather dip 300 more chocolates.

I will never again use the brand of milk chocolate that I used this time.? It was a new brand for me (and I don’t really like to give away too many secrets) and I have to say that for a major chocolate company their product sucks.? This isn’t to say your chocolates will taste bad.? I worked my magic and they turned out good, but it took some work and quite a few curse words.? Not as many as when I did the white chocolate ones, but a few curse words nonetheless.

All that being said, I did have a good time with the process.? I enjoyed creating a few new flavors.? Chili and Raspberry are new and I didn’t have a recipe for those.?? I found a new way to coat them and they turned out so pretty.? I also was a bit more organized this go around.? Shocking I know!

Now I am trapped in my house until the postman comes to pick them up.? Which is probably a pretty good thing considering my house has been severely neglected the past 2 weeks.? And I’m pretty sure my Christmas tree is about ready to fall over.? It seems to be leaning a little more every day.? I should probably water that.


*long story, read archives to learn about me and the history of me and IVF and my fertility

**He really was such a good boy the last 2 weeks.? Imagine being 3 and around hundreds of pounds of candy and not being able to eat any.? Also, he didn’t have anyone to play with for 2 weeks.? We rewarded him with chocolate and a trip to McLunch yesterday.

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  1. Oh! I’m so looking forward to tasting them! I hope we can help out next year – even if we just take the boy for an afternoon or two. We still haven’t heard about interviews, that or Eric hasn’t told me about them….

  2. Tricia says: Reply

    I just saw that the chocolates were shipping this morning. I am thinking I will hoard mine instead of sharing them with my christmas guests.

  3. Waiting on my couch for some chocolate to accompany my couch sitting!

  4. Jenny says: Reply

    The chili ones are absolutely fantastic. Well done, you. And without a receipe! I’m just not a good enough cook to do that….I do quite well with a nice book in front of me telling me what to do. Pictures help. Hope to see you Sunday.

  5. Gypsy says: Reply

    I think I am going to have to wade through your archives Elle so I can catch up on a few things you’ve mentioned here. The chockies sound delicious and you must have amazing self control to have any left after all that effort.

  6. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Just came by to say I think you’re fabulous.

    That’s all.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. So far (while they’re all good) the candy cane and the raspberry ones are my favorite, but I’ve only tried four out of the six flavors. (I split them with hubby, did not gobble on my own.) Dark chocolate and chili, here I come …

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