I want my free stuff to work dammit

That title should read I want my free shit to work per the trusty husband.? Is it so much to ask really?? You provide a product (for free) and then it doesn’t work.? Why the hell offer the product (for free) then?? I understand I’m getting my shit for free, but honestly.

For years I’ve used a particular FTP program to upload stuff to my website and the websites of various clients.? I was working on a client’s website a few weeks ago and in the middle of a restart (which made me cranky to begin with) I opened my FTP program and it redirected me to a website.? WTF?? That’s not supposed to happen.? I tried it again.? Same thing.? And again (I’m a slow learner).? Same thing.? Then I actually paid attention and read the site it kept redirecting me to.? For some reason right in the middle of my project the company that formerly offered their shit for free decided to make me pay for it.? Uh hell no.? But they also put out there a handy try it for a 11 days for free.? OK!? I like free shit.

Then I got dumb (stop laughing) and forgot that my free trial ended like 4 days ago.? So I go to open the program and it didn’t work.? I’ll show them.? I downloaded a different free program.? That one didn’t work either.? So I thought well, the original program still offers a free trial.? I’ll “try” it again.? I wasn’t quite sure if I liked it.? Yeah, that’t it.? Damned if it didn’t work.? So now I either have to shell out the cash for the originally free shit, but no longer free, get the secondary free shit to work or download a new free trial every 11 days.? You decide which option I’ll go for.

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  1. NEAL says: Reply

    I hear you.



    Hear you.

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    ugghh.. that would piss me off too

  3. mom says: Reply

    Of all the things that my hands have touched my hands, computers are the most maddening. On the flip side, I would die without it!

  4. I want your free stuff to work, too!! 🙂

  5. most of the time those triggers are in the registry… if you are daring enough.

    But it not just about re-installing a new download, you gots to remove the old downloaded/installed one too.

  6. Elle says: Reply

    nope, they are dumb. They have nothing like that in place. I can just download a new trial every 11 days. suckas!

  7. If it’s a program you like, and it’s for your business, why not just pay for it if they stop allowing multiple free downloads? After all, it’s out of the business account, not the home account.

    Yes, free stuff is good, but sometimes it’s worth the cost of just purchasing something – then again, I hate downloading stuff over and over and over and….

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