I think the peacock likes me

The boy had a hot date this morning with Chickadee. He and I met Kathou at the zoo for the kids? first outing. They thought it was fantastic! I have a few photos that I?ll try to post later. We saw an elephant, monkies, a tiger, a polar bear, chickens, goats and 1 very friendly peacock. The boy would point to it and say, “pee-cock!” at least he got tha pee part in there.

After strolling around the zoo we ended at the new Kid?s Zone. This place is going to rock in the summer. It is a play ground for children and they moved the goat pen over there. So you can feed the goats. Chickens running everywhere! It was fun. They have a great big slide that the boy went gaga over. He can now climb the stairs by himself and get himself down the slide. He?d try to race up the stairs, slide down and then say, “again!” And do it again. Kid wore himself out. Good thing. He needed the excersise.

As I was packing things up into the car I turned around and standing right next to me was a giant male peacock! Freaked me the hell out. No kidding, in the parking lot. They let the birds run around the zoo. I moved away from the peacock and it followed me. The bird would not leave me alone. I tried to tell it to go away, but it just gobbled at me and moved closer. I think it likes me. So now I am apparently a bird magnet.

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