I think I died and no one told me

I have no concept of time actually. I couldn?t tell you what day of the week it is or my ass from a hole in the ground for that matter.

Yesterday was the boy?s birthday, but we spent the majority of it running around preparing for this stinkin? huge party sooomeone decided to throw. Gee, who would that be? Oh that?s right. Me. Here we go again with the brightness. We finally made it to the pumpkin patch along with 3000 of our community members. Man, you get one nice day in October in the Northwest and everyone heads to the pumpkin patch. So we decided to go to the petting farm first. Kids pushing in front of one another, ducks snapping at little fingers, cold water to wash grimy pet nasty hands. Good times.

Then it was onto the pumpkin patch. We were on a bit of a tight schedule so we didn?t have much time to spend. We took one look at the line to check out and CS says, “we do not have time to stand in that.” No no we didn?t. Then he says, “hey… you know… he?s an orphanage kid. He doesn?t know that you have to buy something when you go somewhere.” This is true! The boy is just happy to run through the pumpkin field and point to every pumpkin and say “dumpkin!” So we wandered through the pumpkin patch while all the other poor schmucks had to stand in line to buy their pumpkins. I was a bit bummed because I found the perfect pumpkin. It was a really tall one with a very smooth side. It was a great carving one. Oh well. We?ll go to the local produce stand and buy one before halloween.

As if the adventure in the Pumpkin Patch wasn?t enough excitement for one weekend, we also had to make an appearance at CS?s parents house. His sister and neice flew up from Sacramento to meet the boy for the first time and they got in on Saturday.

Then… oh yes there?s more… then we had to be up at 6:30 this morning to have any hope of making to church for the boy?s baptism. Boy decided that today he would not sleep in. Thank God! Baptism goes well. No crying. Church gets out and boy hits people limit. Leave church.

Party was supposed to start at 10:30 am. The potential guest list had worked its way up to somewhere around 50 people. We were smart and said it was an open house so people could come and go. I think when all was said and done we had around 40 or so. My house is not that big. The boy did really well, but the mama… she pretty much carried a cup of mimosa around all day. I get home from church, throw on some jeans… (no photos of the 3 of us on our boy?s baptism or birthday) I am trying to get food set out, people are asking me how they can help, I am trying to give directions, children are trying to tell me stories and then I catch a whiff of a particular odor. Hmmm… that smells like my son?s brand. Fine time for a poo boy!

By the time I get to his room (which is filled with adults and small children) my son is staring at the toy vacuum that he hates and a little girl is playing with, holding a car in his hand and moaning like he does when he is overwhelmed. My best friend H looks at me and says, Elle, I think the boy is poopy. Yep, I smelled that too. I get the child changed, the food gets put out and a drink gets put in my hand and everyone is happy.

We didn?t have any major meltdowns. We did have a few tantrums along the way. Our home is innundated with Fisher Price and a gazillion twisty ties. Pecker headed toy manufacturers! Our recycle bin is full of cardboard and tissue paper. And at the moment I hear the soft sounds of my son sleeping peacefully away in his room.

Yep… tomorrow is going to be a PJ?s and Baby Crack day.

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