I think I broke my funny bone

It’s true.  I think I did.  I have had nothing remotely exciting in my life to blog about.  You want excitement in the life of that other girl that occupies space in my head read HERE.  Otherwise Elle is pretty boring.  So I will give you some Elle observations.

I am married to a card carrying anthropologist.  It’s true.  There is even a certificate on his office wall stating so.  Lucky for us he works in the insurance industry so I can have my cushy church job and still eat.  Needless to say, living with an anthropologist makes you look at the world a little differently.  One of my favorite pastimes is observing people at the grocery store.  Better yet, those in the check out line.  Have you ever paid attention to what people buy?  My favorite 2 are the extremely overweight couple at The Mega Industrial Sized Food Product Store purchasing a case of store brand diet shake and a 5 lb. bag of "Real Bacon Bits."  Hmmm.  Or the equally overweight lady at the supermarket with a conveyor belt full of Lean Cuisine (obviously on special) and an a chocolate cake.

I have the miracle diet for anyone who sits around on their fat asses and bitches about the fact that they can’t seem to lose the weight.  It is called "Get off your ass and take the fork out of your mouth."  Harsh?  Well… yes.  The only way that you lose weight is to eat less (or right) and move!  Walk, run, bike, swim or even a little extra effort while gardening.  It isn’t that hard people.

So that was more like a bitch and moan, but I had to get it off of my chest.  I promise I am going to do some looking for my funny bone.  If all else fails I could resort to telling you what Summer weather does to my hair.  It is equally as… not pretty…hmm… as the spring. 

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