I suppose you are wondering…

How is Elle?

Oddly enough I am ok. I have my moments, but otherwise I am doing remarkably well. D and I took Tuesday off and his parents came to spend the day with us. I worked on a project all day Wednesday and yesterday I did go back to work.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day so of course that means the annual dinner. I make a great St. Pat’s day spread every year. That will take up the good part of the day.

I am trying to keep myself busy, but am allowing time for the occasional breakdown. I cannot believe the amount of support we have gotten this past week. We have had many comments on the Adoption-Adventure blog. I have had countless emails, e-cards and general good wishes from people. I have had phone calls from family and friends and even a bouquet of tulips from one of the pastors at our church. That of course made me cry when I got to work yesterday. I suppose it was a good thing no one was around.

I have lots of theories, reasoning and just plain epiphanys about this whole situation. Too many to go into, but just know that I really am doing well.

I’ll get back to regular old Elle soon. Posting about the useless crap in my life like the fact that my hair hates me and that Lutherans are a breed of their own. I just ask that at this time you please pray for the 3 other families that lost their children this week. I am not going through this alone.

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  1. Sinklier Family says: Reply

    good to hear from you and I have been thinking about you and D daily! I will think of the other families as well and wish them the same as you, courage and strength to make it to the end of your Journey as a PAP and success and happiness through your life as a Mommy!

    Take care Elle!


  2. jeneflower says: Reply

    Glad to hear you are in better spirits. My prayers have been heard. I am anxiously waiting to hear from the old Elle again. Looking forward to hearing more hair and Lutheran stories. Maybe you could do a hairy Lutheran story. That wouldn’t be useless.

  3. Margaret says: Reply

    I’ve been thinking about you so much. My prayers are with you and I’ll add the three other families into my prayers as well.

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