I start in August for a reason

Guess what I’m doing while it is 90 degrees outside. ?I’m sitting by the “pool” and working on Sweet Hope. ?But isn’t it August, you ask. ?Why yes, yes it is. ?That would be why it is 90 degrees and I’m not wearing pants.

It takes 4 months to put Sweet Hope candy sales together. ?For the most part the groundwork is laid and I just repeat everything I did last year. ?However, I use August to look back and figure out how I can make things more efficient. ?I have the timeline finished. ?I would suggest marking November 8th on your calender. ?The week of September 20th should also be noted. ?That is if you want to have a say in what we make this year.

The only thing I’m currently stuck on is packaging. ?I want to be economical in my packaging choices so I purchase the recycled material brown kraft boxes. ?They aren’t the prettiest boxes in the world, ?but they’ll do. ?I do have the option of changing the ribbon colors. ?In years past I’ve gone with red. ?It is the holidays and that seems rather festive. ?I have branding for the website and the cards and pretty much everything else. ?It is just that the product doesn’t match.

The candy sales are just a fundraiser portion of the whole organization. ?Granted, it is how we got our start, but in the long run we don’t want it to be the only thing we do.

Here is where I need your opinion, oh 8 people who still read my blog. ?Should I change the packaging? ?The box options are brown kraft or gloss white. ?The ribbon colors can be found here. ?I use 5/8″ ribbon so I’m limited to those colors. ?I’ve also considered not tying bows, but rather having labels printed with the bee to seal the boxes.

Give me your honest opinion. ?You’ve given them as gifts. ?I need your experience.

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  1. Liv says: Reply

    I love the kraft boxes. As for the ribbon, I think no tying is a great idea. It will make for a sleek look. When you make the label, I would try to get a ribbon that coordinates with the colors in your label. Maybe put a Christmas themed bee on the label? Wearing a Santa hat, a knit hat, or antennae muffs?

  2. Kerstin says: Reply

    I like the brown boxes because that says that you have a sense about recycling. I know tying the ribbons is a pain – in tying and stacking, but adding a sticker to the box doesn’t allow it to be re-used if it has sticker remnants on it. I like the red ribbon for two reasons. It’s festive for the Christmas holiday and if you have leftover and do candy again for Valentines day you don’t have to purchase more. Didn’t you also do white ribbon?

  3. joel413 says: Reply

    I for one did not enjoy tying the ribbons, my bows look like crap and you can tell which ones I did. I think Mrs. Joel retied them all anyway.

    I’ll stick to creating loading trays and making boxes. and doing that administrative stuff 🙂

  4. joel413 says: Reply

    Um, I didn’t answer the question, but implied an answer.. I think labels would be a nice touch, especially if they replace the cards. but if the labels are seals.. then the info would get torn, and it’s not easy to save.

    Dilemmas! But the kraft boxes are quickly turning into the little blue Tiffany boxes in my office and at my families’ homes. People are beginning to make association.

  5. Wendy says: Reply

    I like the kraft boxes with a bee label to hold the ribbon. Very ‘Sweet Hope’ iconic. Do they have ribbon that matches the teal/blue color of the Sweet Hope label? That would look cool.

  6. mom says: Reply

    I think the craft boxes are fine… people know it’s a fundraiser. Surly understanding that keeping the price down on packaging only serves to better the amount of candies they receive! When you need my help, HOLLER!

  7. I think the craft boxes are fine. I love the idea someone mentioned above of putting a Santa hat or sometime of theme on the bee. Cute!

  8. craft boxes and no bows. just the sticker is a seamless look.

    ONLY thing is the chocolates move around and sometimes you need to get in there and fix them to look pretty. maybe just including the ribbon and the sticker?

  9. *Drool* chocolate

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