I really am that dumb

So if you read the comments on the last post you will notice Jen mentioned that in the Russia Requirements it said people had to complete their second trip to Russia in order to qualify for the money. Ummm, for the majority of people adopting from Russia once you complete your second trip you are done. We were just an exception not a rule. So I fixed that. You need to have completed your first trip. We also only have 2 boxes of caramels and 1 box of Dk. Chocolate truffles left. That is it. My fridges can?t take any more. I have already made over 320 caramels and 200 truffles and am only 1/4 of the way there. You see why I only do this every so often?

For those who ordered the Candy Cane truffles (or the mix) you must know that these are extra special. The boy thought he would help me in the kitchen yesterday. So he helped stir the ganache and add the crushed candy cane. He didn?t even stick his finger in for a taste.

In fact we spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen. We made truffles, banana muffins and Swedish Meatballs. That is a long time to spend in my tiny little kitchen. Of course my child thought it was the greatest. The kid is turning into quite the budding chef.

In other food related news, we have gotten meat into the boy 2 nights in a row! I am becoming pro at hiding meat in various things. Praise God for my food chopper. I did try chopping up the various veg and chicken from the Moroccan dish we had the other night, but I think it was just a tad too spicy so it ended up on the floor yet again. I am also learning that if you give him a side of sour cream he will eat just about everything. He tried to eat the sour cream with his spoon the other night. Must be that Russian thing kicking in. Now if I could just get CS to eat the Noodles Romanoff I love so much we would be in business. It is quite difficult to cook for 2 boys who won?t eat the same things. CS won?t eat sour cream and the boy won?t eat eggs.

The boy has a hot date with Chickadee tonight. I can?t wait. Oh to have a conversation with another adult. Dinner at Kathou & Paypay?s is always a blast! Kathou is an awesome cook and there is always plenty of wine to go around. Wanna take bets on how many baby rumbles we?ll have to break up? Actually the boy and Chickadee play quite nicely together. Of course Chick tries to take toys from the boy and his baby home reflex kicks in with a resounding “no!” and a push. It is quite entertaining.

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