I opened my big fat trap

Being smart like I am I opened my big fat trap when Steph posted this meme.  I said she should have tagged someone.  Now seeing as I am working on all of 3 brain cells it didn’t occur to me that she would indeed tag me.  I’m just bright like that.  So what do I get.  Tagged.  Crap.  So now I have to put those 3 cells to the limit and come up with something clever. 

I am…. an overacheiving craft-o-phile (yes I made that up) with the attention span of a cricket
I want….to start living my life
I wish…. the Russian Ministry of Health would wise up and stop standing between a mother and her son
I hate…. dumb people
I miss…. my mind
I hear….. a siren outside and am secretly praying they aren’t coming to take me away
I wonder…. what does the color 9 smell like
I regret….. my outfit choice for the day
I am not….. strong.  I put on a great face though
I dance…. in my own secret little universe, and I rock!
I sing…. loudly and badly in the car so the others stuck in traffic can hear me so their commute is just that much worse.
I cry….. all. the. time.
I am not always….. this scattered
I make….. everything.  You name it, i’ve made it.
I write….. to try to get the thoughts out of my head so maybe one day it will be quiet
I confuse….. nearly every human being within 50 feet of me
I need….. a drink
I should….. do a ton of things, but I likely never will.
I start….. way too much stuff that I really don’t need to do
I finish…. nothing

Seeing as I never finish anything I am going to try to make an effort to actually tag someone around here.  So just for the hell of it:





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