I just wanted a damn drink

So it’s Shrove Tuesday. In my little world this means our annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Feed. Our church youth put on this dinner for the congregation in the hopes that they’ll give us a little money to send these kids to places like youth gatherings. It’s a fun time, but tiring on us adults. In previous child-free years I helped set up, cook and clean up. Luckily, since I now have a child I get to bag out a little bit early so I can put Senor Overstimulated to bed.

Needless to say, I flipped pancakes from 4:00 to 6:30 tonight. By the time I got into my car I stunk so bad of hot griddle I’ll be lucky to never eat another pancake. (consequently, I only ate one the entire time) I immediately walked in the front door to the shower. I sat down to watch some Super Tuesday results and thought a nice glass of wine sounded good. We don’t have any wine in the house. Next best thing, port. There’s always a bottle of port in our house.

I took some time while the trusty husband bathed the child to check my email and read blogs. I set my glass on the kitchen table so I could drink it while I watched TV later, but trusty husband brought it into me at my desk. I had the glass sitting in front of me and went to reach for my mouse when my hand hit the glass. Thus knocking my lovely glass of port all over my Wacom Pen Tablet, the monitor and all over my desk. And if you know anything about port, that shit is sticky when it dries.

So here is this frantic, over tired woman running through the house yelling obscenities trying to find a towel as the sticky drink seeps into the buttons on my tablet. It was quite the sight.

The trusty husband was no help. He just said there is no shorting out my tablet to get a new one*.

That’s what I get for trying to be all sophisticated. I blame the trusty husband. I knew what I was doing by leaving my drink on the table. Damn. I really wanted that drink.


*Update this morning: She’s dead Jim. Now I really need that drink.

And yes, I have been know to wear alcohol.? This does not include the time that I tried to out drink a guy twice my size and ended up wearing most of a very large shot of Makers Mark.

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  1. Cheers.

  2. ingelaurie says: Reply

    And I thought our coffee’s were spiked. Thanks for all of your work tonight! Can’t tell you how much I appreciated it.

  3. mom says: Reply

    Not good…

  4. Lauren says: Reply

    That sucks in so many ways. I hope the Tablet is ok and that you can get your drink today.

  5. Update this morning: She?s dead Jim. Now I really need that drink.

    lol (sorry – your pain is my amusement. Anne’s karma -1000)

  6. Heather says: Reply

    Didn’t you do something like this last year?….

  7. I think Heather’s right: did you do something like this last year…? Maybe you should have a “no food, no drink” radius around your computer? 😉

    Super Tuesday was great! I’m very pleased that McCain won, and not at all surprised that the Hillary/Obama race isn’t over yet. For the first time in about 5 years, I actually called a political race! The first time in 5 years that I didn’t have a bet with my husband. *grumbles* He was positive Hillary would win. Anyways, best of luck on eating pancakes in the future!

  8. Shorting out my laptop and/or peripherals is one of my biggest fears (well that and clowns). I’m so sorry this happened to you. Damn, you totally deserve a bottle of wine not just a drink.

  9. Becca says: Reply

    Ouch, want to borrow my new EEEpc? Yeah it is a little sidekick to my laptop, but it is strictly for travel purposes, but if you ask nice and keep your drinks away from it I will let you use it! 🙂

    On the election front, why can’t Romney do better? I so cannot stand McCain! Sorry for those I might offend. Huckabee is worse. I really don’t want to vote dem, but lessor of two evils? Who knows right now, I am so on the fence. Someone slap me!

  10. serena says: Reply

    Hi Elle, I’m trying to find your email address….I have a friend looking for a doc to do the phsych eval for her adoption. Did you have that done and if so a recommendation? Thanks

  11. Oh, that is sad. I am saying my goodbyes to your high tech (expensive)equipment. We should all have insurance on this stuff! Go out TODAY and get yourself a new bottle of wine, lady! Try to keep your thoughts positive… maybe you will get a new tablet for Valentine’s Day!(hint- hint, Jim?)
    Hope you have a better experience with your wine today.

  12. Noreen says: Reply

    Oh, No! This makes me want to cry. I cannot even imagine. I have had laptop malfunctions, but never one within my control. This makes me want to make a new rule about keeping alcohol and technology apart.

  13. Jenny2 says: Reply



  14. Did you try to tip the computer? You may have been able to suck out a few drops. Could have saved you and the tablet.

    And in response to your last post- if it’s John and Hillary- my ballot is going in the shredder too.

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