I have nothing better to do

I missed out on the meme round with the handbags. You didn?t want to hear about diapers and butt bars anyway. So Kate and Kate put out an open tag and I thought that since I didn?t have anything better to do I?d give it a whirl. I promise I?ll come up with something better in the future.

A is for age: I am 30

B is for beer: Moloson Canadian. I swear they put an addictive agent in that stuff!

C is for career: Landscape Designer. It?s not so much a career as a “pretend” thing that I tell people I do and not get paid anymore because I?m L.A.Z.Y!

D is for my dog?s name: Isis. She?s more in the shape of a very rotund cat.

E is for essential item used everyday: Coffee. It isn?t a matter of use rather than need.

F is for favorite color: Purple. I love purple. I just can?t wear it very well

G is for game: I?m a big fan of Trivial Pursuit. Yes, I?m the party killer

H is for hometown: Olympia, Washington. Sad but true

I is for instruments I play: F5 & G5 in a 5 octave English handbell choir

J is for favorite juice: Trader Joes Cranberry Lemonade.

K is for who?s butt I?d like to kick: The inventor of the twisty tie and the marketing dumbass that thought it would be fun to use them in all children?s toy packaging. And then me for misplacing my wire cutter.

L is for last place I ate: My dining room table.

M is for marriage: yes. for the last 10 years

N is for my name: Lisa. Now you know.

O is for overnight hospital stays: Last fall for 3 days.

P is for people I was with today: The trusty husband, the boy, kicky, Lee Lee, “uncle nain”, G, the parental in-laws, and The husband?s Aunt & Uncle from Kansas.

Q is for quote: “Pray to God but Continue to row toward shore.” -Russian Proverb

R is for biggest regret: not one yet

S is for sport: Hockey, Hockey and more Hockey

T is for travelled to: Nearly all 50 states. (I can name more that I haven?t been to than have) Russia, Mexico, Canada, S. Korea, and does the Zurich airport count. I bought some lovely souvenirs there.

U is for current underwear: Yes. let?s just say I need to do some laundry.

V is for vegetable I adore: carrots. So many I could turn orange

W is for wish: I ask Santa every year to be 1 inch taller. I never get it.

X is for x-rays I have had: Arm and foot

Y is for youthful ambition not fulfilled: To be a teacher.

Z is for zodiac: Cancer, but I don?t believe in that stuff.

I?m also not going to tag anyone but rather leave it open for those who also lack writing material.

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