I hate poo

It’s not so much the hating the changing of poo diapers or poo stink or any of that, but god forbid if I have to touch actual poo. Why would I have to touch poo you ask? Well… it’s fuggin hot here. I hate to be hot and Sweaty Teddy my son is a water baby. So being the ever awesome mom that I am I went out and bought one of those wiggly sprinklers. Ok, more that I stole the idea from Wendy… but hey, I’m tired and hot. I’m thinking this is going to be great. The boy likes water, it’s hot, and he can run around in the water and get worn out. What could possibly go wrong? Oh that’s right. I started this with poo.

We get home from running our errands and I decide that the boy can just wear his swim trunks sans swimmer diaper. We are at home. If he pees it won’t be a big deal. He pooed this morning. It’s all good. A while later I notice that the boy is kinda standing in one spot. I try to get him to run through the sprinkler and he kinda freaks out. Ok, I don’t like being shot in the face with the water either. I give him the benefit of the doubt. Until I realize that there could be more to this than meets the eye. I do as usual and feel his butt for evidence of poo action. Only this time I’m dumb and forget that he doesn’t have on a diaper. Sprinkler + little boy poo + no diaper = wet soggy poo. Graphic? Not nearly enough. Lest you forget that little boy swim trunks have in the built in “underwear.” Yeah, mesh. Add that to the equation, oh and don’t forget extraction of boy from the soiled swim trunks and clean-up thereafter. I’m still washing my hands.

Gah! I hate poo.

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  1. Carrie says: Reply

    ewwww! I feel for you. I REALLY do!

  2. Oh, I have so been there.

    At least you weren’t at a public pool. That would have been embarrassing AND gross.

  3. Lea says: Reply

    Yea, that’s not much fun. Bummer.

  4. That’s totally gross. I hate when I go to check the diaper and I get poo on my finger..I start freaking out and BT comes running in all “What’s the matter?!” POO UNDER MY FINGERNAIL GROSS.

  5. Um, err, that sucks.

    And makes me feel kinda guilty for Nori running naked through the sprinklers at the neighbor’s house, but then insisting on having to go potty and peeing and pooing in the toilet. And me thanking my stars that she didn’t let loose while naked on the trampoline.

    However, take heart in this, the only reason she was so good is that we weren’t at home. She only uses the potty at other people’s houses so far. Go figure. Too comfy at home perhaps?

    But my heart goes out to you … I’ve had my fill of being covered in children’s bodily fluids, and I’m hardly done.

  6. Mama K says: Reply

    next thing you know you are writing whole posts about poo… heh


  7. Eew. That’s it… just eew.

  8. mom says: Reply

    I have a few poo stories of my own but I’m guessing you don’t want me to share. He’s changed so… much these last few months. How I wish I didn’t have my sucky job so I could spend more time with you guys.

  9. Lauri says: Reply

    You have come over to the dark side… Mwahhhhaaaaaaa

    yep… been there….. all last summer… we have come full circle on the Poo merry go round… now we deal with constipation and lovley suppositories…. the fun never ends

  10. Wendy says: Reply

    I laughed so hard I snorted! I can almost feel the poo. Gag! Yesterday I came home to Underpants Boy. Not only did he take them off yet again, but he was wearing them as a mask and doing spiderman moves. I didn’t have the guts to check how ‘clean’ they were.

  11. Esther says: Reply

    Nothing quite describes how special it is when little boys go poo in their swim trunks…….

    I hear ya sister ;o)

  12. Tricia says: Reply

    wow, your life is so glamourous!

  13. Debbie says: Reply

    EWWW! That’s nasty. Oh the things I have to look forward to.

  14. Jenny says: Reply

    I would have just tossed those swim trunks out! Good for you for cleaning them.

  15. cheer up folks. I thought I had avoided the whole diaper/poo thing by adopting older children. NOPE! On my first Mother’s Day I learned how to diaper my Dad. Believe me. Little poos are better than big poos.

  16. Tam says: Reply

    LOL! Oh, you poor thing! I can only imagine what kind of facial expression came out of that one….

  17. Rhonda says: Reply

    Gross, gross, gross. I’ve SO been there. A few months ago, I yanked Clyde’s pull-up off carelessly because I thought he was just wet. And he wasn’t. And I was barefoot and there was poo all over the floor and my foot. I started yelling and B was like, “What’s wrong?” I came hopping out of the bedroom yelling “turd on my foot, turd on my foot”. Yep, motherhood is so glamorous.

  18. Jessica says: Reply

    Lesson learned! Come Tuesday, I will have swim diapers available in case it’s hot enough for the sprinkler! 🙂

    Good luck washing the feeling off your hands!

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