I got crabs and saw lesbian crack heads

I hate to interrupt the great discussion on major pharmaceuticals. That is a great one by the way. Maybe we’ll bring it up in the future.

But on to more pressing matters.

You may recall me mentioning that we were going to the U of Dub to see the doc at the adopt med clinic. That was today. Once again we had to be up at the ass crack of dawn to brave Seattle traffic. Somewhere around South Center my bladder decided it had to pee. Traffic not conducive to the peeing prevented such bladder evacuations. I suffered through 30 minutes of Friday morning traffic only to end with worlds longest pee once arriving at the clinic. TMI? Tough. It was a big part of my day.

We saw Dr. Kertez. She’s new and gotta say, love her. Great lady. The boy liked her. All was good.

Developmentally the boy is normal two year old. According to the doc he’s a “developmental rockstar.” Scary smart would be an understatement here people. She did order the full gamut of lab tests to rule out any giardia, parasites or other possible nasties. We also have a referral for a hearing test at the children’s hospital here in Tacoma. They couldn’t get a good reading on him and want a full eval.

So here are the big kickers. I talked to her about the rocking. She said, “what’s the big deal.” Shit you not. She totally put my fears to rest. Essentially, all children learn to put themselves to sleep different ways. They have to learn some sort of self soothing mechanism, biological or not. They will suck their thumbs, a pacifier or a blanket. They will kick their feet, rub their lip or cuddle a lovey. All kids do it. In the boy’s case he learned to rock. The fact that he can soothe himself to sleep, sleep through the night and not wake up crying is evidently a parents dream and we should be thankful. This is from a woman who is an expert in international adoption, before all of you PI parents come at me with pitch forks and torches.

We also talked to her about possible sensory avoidance issues. She said that the particular behaviors he is exhibiting are totally normal for an almost 3 year old. They are not getting in the way of his normal functioning. He is fine.

She also believes his attachment looks fantastic. His learning ability is outstanding. His development looks on track. He’s small, but proportionate. The bottom line is that we have a totally normal child.

So I guess you are probably wondering about the crabs?

After the appointment and lab work we had a bit of lunch at Dick’s Drive-in. Um, only the best burgers in Seattle. Then, being the smart people we are, decided to get crab for the family for dinner. It is Dungeness season around these parts and summer time crab is oh so like eating candy. The place to get crab in Seattle would be Seattle Fish Co. at Pike’s. This would be the throwing fish guys.

The trusty husband plays optimistic and thinks he can get a parking spot within close proximity to the market. Yeah wight. We drive around downtown Seattle for 30 minutes. Not because we can’t find a spot, but because every fecking tourist in the US has descended upon our fair city. Oh how I hate the market during tourist season. Of course I’m damed determined to get the coveted crab. Tourists be damned. Don’t cross against the light or I’ll run your not knowing how to order coffee correctly butt over. There was a brief suggestion of just going to the fish market in Olympia to buy the crab and pawning it off as Seattle stuff… but I have my morals.

We finally gave up and parked up at Westlake. About 6 or 7 blocks from Pike. We hiked our happy asses through the rain to the market and on the way saw lovely downtown Seattle folk. These included multiple bums and a couple of lesbian crackheads. In the end I got the crabs and was happy.

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    Great news about the Boy… really… that is amazing…. valdidation rocks…

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    I meant Validation…. it too darn early for leaving comments

  3. Congratulations on the good report!!! That is fabulous news!!!

  4. Dana says: Reply

    Great news on the Boy!

    Been there, done that on the peeing thing. There have been times that I just thought “let it all out”. I haven’t brought myself to do that, yet. But it’s crossed my mind! πŸ™‚

  5. Nicole says: Reply

    Glad your kiddo looks great. And I am so envious that you can eat good, fresh fish out there. I am a fish sucker.

  6. Mom says: Reply

    Now all fears can be laid to rest. Glad she is running more tests as when I had giardia it was the University that diagnosed it. I’m so mixed up on my days…I thought today was Friday. Oh well… now without the fears YOU can relax more. Typical 2yr old…learning about independence and getting his way! All of us have been there, just practice counting to 100 and leave the room. OR…open that bottle of wine!

  7. Hooray on the clean bill of health! Now you can trust your instinct… and try to enjoy 2 πŸ˜€

  8. Esther says: Reply

    Yes, anyone going to Seattle MUST go to Dick’s Drive-In for Burgers and Ice Cream. Hot damn, it’s the best around. Been there since I can remember (ah, 4yrs old when we moved back to Seattle from Missouri).
    For a really good time, hit Dick’s Drive-In and the Zoo, or Dick’s Drive-In and GreenLake.

  9. Okay I’m so glad you got that kind of crabs…. I was being to wonder… jk! Sounds delicious! Glad to hear the doctor went well, too.

    ps – If you haven’t done it before, you should post about how to correctly order coffee. I’d be interested to hear your take on the subject πŸ™‚

  10. NEAL says: Reply

    wow. best. news. today.

  11. Nancy says: Reply

    Good news about the boy!!! It’s always nice when your gut feelings are validated. So you liked this Doc?? I have to make the girly’s appointment for when we get back, maybe I’ll give her a try.

    So jealous you got to eat some Dick’s, the husband is going to Red Star Monday and we all know what he’ll be eating for lunch, while his family sits at home eating mac-n-cheese out of a box.

  12. Jenny says: Reply

    That is a great report. Mimi still rocks her head and I just let it go. I hate it but what can you do, I guess, right? But my kids don’t sleep through the night!

    Good luck with the tests and I think that is a great great great report.

  13. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    Such wonderful news about the boy. What a relief for you and CS to know that he is on track developmentally all the way around. I wish that we could be out there with you all for July 4th and get some of that wonderful fresh crab.
    Love & Hugs, Aunt Jan

  14. wow now there is a time limit for commenting on posts! lol well then, i will also comment on this one and say yes, the people around downtown Seattle are quite scary to say the least! last time we went was 2 springs ago and got some of the best Alaskan king crab legs of our life!

    as far as the anti-depressant post, i am totally against Prozac as it’s been known to make people “flip-out” and go “psycho” and kill people and stuff, nice. especially when mixed with alcohol and other drugs. i know of 1 man in particular who mixed Prozac with alcohol, and ended up shooting his ex-girlfriend and himself, nice… i don’t believe drugs are the answer.

  15. kate says: Reply

    i’m guessing the title of this post alone got you your nc-17. ;>

  16. DebiP says: Reply

    Next time you might considering sending your landlocked friends some of that crab on ice fed EX..I am sooooo jealous…I am HAPPY HAPPY for the boy that he is normal…what a relief…though I had not a doubt!! I forget that he and Griffin are so close in age!!!

    YeSah for great news and CRAB

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