I can’t top the poo

Try as I might I cannot formulate a coherent post to save my life. This is almost as bad as getting ready to leave the country for 3 weeks. Only then I was stressed to the hilt and funny. I can’t even manage funny. Poo I can write about, but other than that I have nothing.


The raccoons attacked my fountain in the back yard again.

Not exciting? Didn’t think so.

Oh I know! Look over there
<------------------------ See that nifty new thing on the side bar? Took me over an hour to install and configure so you best go and ooh and aah over it. My goal is to post a few new photos of the boy, life, or anything on a daily basis. Of course don't egg my house if you don't get a new photo every day. Remember I'm dumb like that. Oh, and I'm getting on an airplane in 2 days and going to Alaska for a week. So there is no guarantee what you'll get. So if all else fails you can give me some comment love on my photos.

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  1. Oooh! Cool :^) Enjoy Alaska!

  2. Have fun in Alaska. Give Rhonda a huge hug from me.

  3. mom says: Reply

    Oh how I’d love to see Alaska! You guys are so lucky to see the things you’ve seen at such a young age. Mike and I are so happy that as a family all 3 of you get to explore the world together and create memories that all of you will treasure!
    Safe travels, have fun and take lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ohhhhh – can I have an army of biddable gnomes too?

    cute pics

  5. Jessica says: Reply

    What a great sprinkler!

    There will be no excuses for not posting while visiting – you can borrow my computer! 🙂

  6. Always rely on the cuteness of the boy when you’ve got nothing. It works every time.

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