I ate a cricket

We have arrived safely in Nanchang after an 18+ hour train ride.? The ride wasn’t bad other than we had to stop every 45 minutes or so.? Let’s just say it was the slow 2nd class train to Nanchang.? I slept through the night with the aid of Dr. Ambien.? It was nice.

Due to the pollution and constant haze of cigarette smoke it is possible that I’m working on a sinus infection.? A constant intake off cold medicine is helping slightly.

Nanchang is a lovely town.? It is located on the Gan River and has taller buildings than what we saw in Xi’an.? Notice how I skipped over the Xi’an portion of the trip.? Actually Xi’an was nice and we were able to find a Starbucks there.

When we arrived in Nanchang we were greeted by 110 degree heat.? It isn’t pleasant.? We hiked to the bus and drove to the hotel.? Once at the hotel we thought we would have the afternoon to rest.? Oh no.? We were greeted with pomp and circumstance.? A group of people had congretated in the hotel lobby and clapped when we came in.? The youth all met their teammates and we were given 30 minutes to shower an make it back downstairs, to which we then had to pose for a photo for the local newspaper.? They don’t get Americans here very often.

We toured the local technology university.? There was great flair there also.? After that we were then escorted to an elaborate room at the back of a building that was being remodeled for dinner.? All 18 of us were able to sit at one table with worlds largest lazy susan.? They brought out dish after dish and we played the largest game of “what do you think that is?”? Some guesses were turtle, intestine, octopus, vertebre and even cricket.? I tried some, I did not try others.? Although I did man up and try a deep fried cricket.? To be honest, except for the uber crunchy legs, it was quite tasty.? Yes, I ate cricket.? I guess I can cross that off of my list of 101 of 1001.f

Tomorrow we have no clue where we are going.? We thing to an orphanage, but it is likely to a hospital of some sort.? I’m looking forward to the week, but not the heat.

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