I am dumb

My BIL received an email from someone and it had this link in it.  So we played the "Are You Dumb" game.  Evidently Wayne is Dumb.  Not really, but according to the game he was.  Well I went home and played the game and "I am not dumb."  Again, according to the game.  It turns out that the game is not entirely accurate, because I really am dumb.

You see… yesterday was a beautiful day outside.  So I decided that I was going to go work in the yard.  All. day. long.  Pulling weeds and planting things can be a little strenuous so I put on a tank top.  I made a trip to the local mega home improvement store and on the way noticed that my arm looked a little pink.  I thought it was just from my sunglasses.  Which are not tinted pink by the way.  I got home and continued to work in the yard.

A few hours later.  Yes, I said hours.  I went inside and sat down at the computer.  Wow, my arms felt warm.  I got up and looked in the mirror and holy crap!!!  Let’s just say I am yet again one step closer to skin cancer.  What is better is as I was laying on the couch I thought my socks are kinda hurting my legs.  Did I forget to mention I was wearing short pants and Birkenstocks?  I was.  So there is a spot on my feet and one little section of my legs that is also burned.  I would have posted a photo, but they didn’t turn out well.

I am sooooo dumb. 

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