Hunting Mommies

When you adopt there are no true physical signs that you will soon become a parent. No swelling belly. Sure there may be a swelling belly due to an over consumption of chocolate, but hey… that is a whold other matter. No one really notices that you are on the track to mommyhood. You take your daily weekly monthly walks through the neighborhood and neighbors take no notice.

As soon as you take that same walk while pushing a stroller man the mommies come out of the woodwork. Take for instance my recent jaunt to the local kiddie park. I strap my child into my swanky Maclaren stroller and head out the door. Upon arrival at the kiddie park there is one effeminate dad with his screachy child and us. Soon the other parents begin to arrive with their tots and you start. Sizing up everyone?s child. How much smaller is mine than than yours. Mine knows how to do this and yours doesn?t. But I digress… this isn?t about how much smarter or more delayed my child is than others. Let?s be real here. This is about me and my new entry into that world we call mom.

On our way home from the kiddie park we walked past a group of moms out in a driveway. Guess what? They said hi to me. To me!!! Little old me. I was just thrilled!! Of course these women don?t live in my neighborhood, but I don?t care. They said hi to me.

Then while I was working on dinner I heard a knock at the door. No one ever comes to visit unannounced except the mormons. To my delight it was another woman my age with a little girl. She was coming to introduce herself! She saw me out for a walk with the boy the other day and thought she would stop by and introduce herself and her daughter. Another mom!! Is that cool or what?

I think I am getting overly excited about this, but hey when you?ve wanted to be a mom for so long it is nice to see that when they issue you into the club they are actually nice. Go figure!

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