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Today is going to be the last day to nominate or give a vote for Sweet Hope flavors. ?I had originally planned on letting it go until Friday, but at the moment the list is at 56 with 90% of those being new flavors. ?The problem is there are too many good new suggestions and I can’t make that many test batches. ?I’m encouraging you to look over the list and give a second nod to something you really would like to see.

The products we will offer this year will include a 1 dz mixed box of truffles, 1/2 dz box of single variety truffles, 2 dz. plain caramels, 1 dz. sea-salt caramels and 2 Sea-Salt Caramel truffles (but they may be reworked in execution). ?The prices are not going up this year so you get the same value as before.


In other news…

If you are friends with me on Facebook then you know the all about my health woes as of late. ?Health woes sounds like something serious doesn’t it? ?Yesterday it felt serious. ?Here’s the story.

Sometime around the 10th I told the trusty husband, “watch, come Monday I’ll get sick.” ?Sure enough I started coughing on Monday morning. ?This type of stuff always happens after I’ve been stressed out. ?I get sick right after Ministry Fair weekend at church and the week after I send out the truffles. ?Happens every year. ?So Monday, coughing. ?Tuesday, more coughing. ?Wednesday, still coughing. ?It was strange because I had this nasty cough, but felt pretty ok. ?Thursday I went to work and was pretty tired by the afternoon and still coughing. ?By that point I wasn’t coughing anything up so I started in on an expectorant. ?I was up most of the night Thursday and by Friday I was very tired. ?Derek had the day off so we went to get a coffee and get me a cough suppressant. ?Half way through Target I was done. ?I spent most of the day on the couch and managed to go out to dinner with the trusty family Friday night. ?Saturday I had enough strength to make it to work although if I stood for too long I felt like I was going to throw up. ?I left at 5 and spent the rest of the night on the couch. ?Sunday I sat around with the exception of a small trip to the fabric store and then busted out the vaporizer when I got home. ?Still with the coughing which had now developed into a hacking dry cough. ?I slept fairly soundly Sunday night with the aid of a muscle relaxer because every last joint in my body hurt. ?Monday morning I woke up with no energy at all. ?I got the boy to the bus stop, but while standing there nearly threw up. ?I honestly don’t remember picking him up from the school bus. ?I spent the day on the couch again (and watched the Princess and the Frog… best princess movie evah!). ?I was brought more medicine which didn’t help. ?By Monday night I had developed a fever and made the promise to go to the doctor in the morning. ?Yesterday I woke up with no energy, coughing up a lung and still with a low grade fever. ?I had barely slept and was ready to be taken to the ER. ?My frugal husband decided that we’d go to the Urgent Care across the bridge because they open early and our regular doc was not in that day.

Urgent Care is where it got strange. ?They did all the regular stuff. ?Took my blood pressure, pulse, temperature. ?The doctor asked questions about my symptoms. ?Other than the hacking cough my head hurt, but not my sinuses. ?My skin hurt, I was wheezing and short of breath. ?I was slightly dizzy when I stood up, but not all the time. ?The joint pain was mostly gone, but my hips and back hurt and my ears hurt. ?She just had this puzzled look about her. ?They informed me that I was dehydrated (my pulse was at 130 bpm and I didn’t pass the bp test) so they hooked me up to an IV. ?Having that put in hurt like a sonofabitch. ?Yeah, I cried. ?They took blood samples. ?I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. ?An hour later the doc came back in to say that all of my blood tests came back fine and she couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me. ?She kept asking about my sinuses. ?My sinuses didn’t hurt, but this *hack hack cough cough oh there’s my lung on the floor* didn’t seem to factor into anything. ?She was very reluctant to give me anything, but she finally wrote a prescription for an antibiotic and a cough syrup with codine (which only makes me sleep for 45 minutes and sweat like crazy).

I spent the whole day in the bed yesterday, but made it outside for a little fresh air in the afternoon. ?I’m going a little stir crazy. ?Today I’m finally feel better than I did the day before for the first time in a week. ?I have been mandated to drink as much fluid as I possibly can (by the doctor) and not overdo anything (by the trusty husband). ?This has been one of the weirdest sicknesses I’ve ever had. ?I’m just happy to be feeling somewhat human again.

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  1. You poor thing! Hope you are feeling even better tomorrow. I hate being sick…but the cough thing is the worst. You just get so worn out from coughing constantly.

    (BTW see? I still click over to comment with full feed…I just do so in a more timely manner.)

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