How much wine is acceptable

…to drink prior to your social worker coming for a post placement visit.

You would be correct. Our Social Worker is coming. Technically our first post placement report isn?t due until Feb. 5th, but with our SW?s track record we thought it would be best to get it done sooner. Thus the 1 month leeway.

I had all kinds of stuff I should have done today, but somehow I was preoccupied with this little tidbit. I actually spent the week cleaning our house. (yes, it took the better part of a whole week) and I don?t even know why. He will sit at our dining room table. Yak at us for a good hour to make it appear as if he earned his money and be on his way.

Please pray that I don?t go off on this guy. The last time I spoke to him on the phone he refused to complete a piece of paperwork we needed and I ended up doing his job for him.

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