Thanks for all of the support on the drinking in front of your children issue. What I find truly fascinating is the fact that if we lived anywhere other than the US this truly would be a non-issue. The other thing that gets me in the NBC piece was the “expert” kept saying that mothers need to find “healthy ways to relieve stress.” Don?t get me wrong but didn?t I read somewhere that red wine is good for your heart? Besides we aren?t talking about using the alcohol as a stress reliever. It is a beverage. Plain and simple.

So lets move on shall we.

I want to first of all direct you to Susan?s site. This is a great lady. She lives in podunk mid-America and is also an AIA family. She and her husband are adopting 2 boys from Magadan and they are in between trips. Please go on over and give her some love.

Next… my own mother has decided to jump onto the blogging bandwagon. Lord help me if she starts telling stories about me. I am almost afraid to mention that she has started a blog. Go on over and visit her too at Farkle Land (and yes you would pronounce that Farkel) Mom don?t kill me for sending people your way, but for the love of GOD they have to know why I am the way I am.

And last but not least!!! Whadda ya think of the new look. The fantastic and kick ass Zoe made me a custom header. Of course I had to beg and plead and pay her for it, but damn if it isn?t gorgeous. I?ll get some credits put up, but for now take it as it is.

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