Holy Icicle Batman!

So yeah… it snowed. If the flooding, windstorms and earlier snow weren?t enough to keep children from attending school this one takes the cake! We have about 4 1/2″ of snow here and it is not going anywhere. It is a whopping 20 degrees outside. Even too cold for me to go play in it. It snowed Tuesday night, but just enough to look pretty. Kathou and I thought we would take a trip up to Bellevue Wednesday just to admire the shoes. I didn?t buy them. *weeping silently* Wednesday night she calls to tell me the tool called to tell her that he wouldn?t make their post placement visit. (You owe me $5 lady) At that time she tells me that it is snowing like crazee. I look out the window… nothing. About 2 hours after that it started snowing like holy hell around here. So once again CS and I bundled up and went to play in the snow at 9 p.m. We?re nuts like that. We woke up to a nice 4-5 inches.

We told the boy that it snowed and that daddy was staying home and that we would have pancakes for breakfast. So the child proceeds to run from window to slider proclaiming his love for the snow and for the pancakes. After all was said and done with breakfast we headed outside. Let?s just say the concept of snow angels is totally lost on this child, but he loved the snow. Today… the road is covered with about 1″ of ice. So yet again CS is here with us.

This snow storm has made me realize that people who live in the northwest are grossly unprepared for any kind of weather event. They live in a flood plain and wonder why their house got washed away. Power is knocked out for a few days weeks and they light charcoal or run generators inside their homes. It snows and they just abandon their cars along side the road. People, get a brain. If it snowy stay home. We live in the northwest. It doesn?t snow here and you don?t know how to drive in the snow. Hell… you barely know how to drive in the rain and it rains like 360 days a year here. What in the world would make you think you can drive in ice and snow?

Seriously. I was on my way to Kathou?s the other morning and the hill at the freeway on-ramp was frozen. Some dude in a Mustang punches the gas and his car starts to slide sideways. No fishtail, but literally sideways. As in the opposite direction that a car should be traveling. So what does the guy do? Tries to go faster. His car then proceeds to slide faster. Gawd people are dumb.

So here I sit, holed up in my house waiting for the sun to thaw the road just a bit so we can get out of here and to the grocery. We are so bored we thought it would be fun to paint our bedroom. Since when is a home improvement project ever fun?

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