Here she goes talking about shoes again

Ahh, Winter is coming and there’s nothing better than a great pair of boots. Last year our Mervyn’s was going out of business and I found a pair of butter soft black leather knee high boots for $35 and just couldn’t stand spending that much on shoes. It seemed so frivolous. Oh I can hear the gasps of horror right now. Either you are falling out of your chair because I considered buying shoes in Mervyn’s or that I didn’t snatch up the $35 boots. Trust me, I tried to go back and get them, but they were gone. Sometimes I’m not above buying inexpensive, yet still good looking, shoes. For pete’s sake, one of my favorite pairs of black mules are from Payless. No. I don’t shop at Payless anymore.

So back to boots. I am now have been on the hunt for a good pair of black boots. I tried DSW last year, but I was too late in the season. But now! NOW! It’s fall and there are hoards of new shiny shoes for me to go and smooch all over. Besides, somehow DSW thinks my birthday is in September and they sent me a $5 coupon. Add that to the $10 rewards certificate I have and that’s a whole $15 off a pair of kissable new boots.

Trouble is I have to drive my happy ass half way to Seattle to shop for said boots. So I did what any self respecting lazy shoe shopper would do. I browsed the new fall boot collection at See how smart I am. It beats pushing the stroller through the shoe department at our actual Nordstrom. Mostly because our Nordy’s is the size of a toilet.

The first pair of shoes I spy are these. Ahh look at their beauty. All shiny and only just a little hoochy with the patent. A modest 3″ heel… wait! What the hell! $1000! For boots? Oh Salvatore. I know you are long dead and all, but what’s with the price tag? Can’t a girl get a good pair of boots without having to sell a kidney?

Then I found these. Still with the modest 3″ heel. Supple leather. Too bad the internet doesn’t have smell-o-net. They really need to have that “leather” smell. You should have seen me shopping for my leather coat. But still nearly $300 would be a truck payment.

I think Franco might be doing me right (per usual). Little shorter of a heel. A little less Russian hooker. And a much better price. Now the trick is convincing the trusty husband that I neeeed these boots and I won’t end up like Monica in that episode of Friends.

Cause you know, I had a great outfit on today that, while my new brown pumps looked great, a fabulous pair of black leather boots would have been super hott and matched my black leather jacket.

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  1. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Brown is the new black! And I love Shoe Pavillon. And Zappos because I sit on my arse and shop for hours, at work, and call it “research.” Hee. Happy Friday.

  2. Nancy says: Reply

    Southcenter my dear, they are putting in a DSW there, check and see if it’s open and you won’t have to go that far at all! Plus there area ll kinds of other new stores tht might be fun to go to…..

  3. NEAL says: Reply

    Ohhh, pretty car … vroom.

  4. I’m convinced Franco Sarto hates women’s feet…but since it sounds like you have had success with him in the past, perhaps it is just my feet. I do have one pair of scrumptious raspberry ankle boots from him but everything else I’ve bought makes me limp after about 3 hours.

    Love love love boots…happy shopping!

  5. Kathou says: Reply

    The DSW in Southcenter opened two weeks ago with boots galore to choose from. And Oh! by the way they are opening one in Federal Way in January…. pardon my drool.

  6. On a non-shoe note (I’m still not much of a shoe person – I guess I was too traumatized by my mom’s foot surgery), I have just been informed that Oleg has a permanent spot at our table (we only have 4 seats, so poor Eric was removed from the table). And yes, he’ll have to eat his broccoli too!

  7. Um hello, I knew I liked you. I have those EXACT pair of Franco boots. I got them on sale last year at Nordy’s for like $75!! They are very cute but I warn you – not terribly comfortable (beauty has it’s price) and the top is that stretchy leather, so I find myself having to hike them up back to my knees a few times a day!

  8. Elle says: Reply

    Good to know Starfish. Good to know.

    And Kathou… why the hell did you not call me the second you found out they were opening a DSW in Fed. Way? Please, oh please don’t tell the trusty husband. He’ll never let me come visit you again.

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