Here, have some bullets

I haven’t done a bullet style post in a very very long time.  This is what life has been reduced to lately.  It’s mostly because

  • I think my computer is dying and I don’t know how long it will hold out (please be until after Sweet Hope).

In any case here’s my life lately.

  • I re-learned how to crochet this week and have spent my non-computer time trying to make a damn dishcloth.  It isn’t as easy as it seems.
  • I had an appointment with a family mental health professional yesterday.  The news is good and we are doing a good job in the parenting department.  The boy’s attachment issues are mild, but she still wants us to do further evaluations just to make sure they don’t become moderate to severe down the road.
  • The trusty husband is out of town AGAIN.  This is trip #5 in 2 months.  (one trip was just for the day, but it seemed like weeks)
  • Sweet Hope sales are going well despite the fact that I’m totally disorganized this time around.
  • Sweet Hope will be at the Tacoma is for Lovers Craft Fair at King’s Books on November 20th.  We’ll have samples of all of our tasty truffles.  Stop by and say HI!
  • I am so sick of the meat chickens I have.  I called the butcher this week to schedule their demise, but they said they’re booked for December.  That means I have to either a) hold them until January or 2) kill them myself.  I’m not sure I like either of those options.
  • Did I mention my husband is on his 5th trip in 2 months?  *gah*

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  1. alicia says: Reply

    Duuuude … are the meat chickens as dumb as my parents’ meat chickens? We ended up calling them churkeys …

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