Help me do more good

I have a once in a lifetime (ok, more doesn’t come around very often) opportunity this summer. ?The youth director and I are taking 3 teenage girls to China for 16 days. ?It is a mission trip with chinaconnect. ?We are partnering with two other Lutheran churches for one large youth event. ?I’m not sure if it is 30 people total or 30 youth going on this trip. ?I think it is 30 total. ?anyway, the goal of the trip is for our American youth to 1)experience different levels of Chinese culture (large city, Beijing, medium city, Xian and rural community, destination unknown) and 2)work alongside Chinese youth doing a servant project. ?The trip is quite involved, includes tons of travel, yet is quite reasonable in cost. ?However, the cost is still more than any one of us could shell out in one chunk. ?Therefore, we are doing a few fundraisers.

So I know this lady who makes great chocolate truffles and caramels so we asked her if she would be willing to organize a fundraiser for this China trip. ?Actually, she brought it up. ?She’s crazy like that.

Yes, I am nuts and I’m firing up my chocolate factory for one more go at candy. ?This time the money raised will help the 5 of us get to China. ?The total to get all 5 of us to China (including airfare) is $12,500. ?By the end of the month we will have paid our deposits leaving us with $10,000 to come up with. ?Now we know it is unlikely that we can fundraise $10,000, but we are going to do our damndest to get as close as possible.

I’m sending out a plea to those of you who love Sweet Hope truffles and caramels. ?I’m doing a limited selection of truffle flavors and have a few new box sizes this time. ?I encourage you to check it out and think of your sweetheart. ?I’m taking orders until January 29. ?All non-local orders will ship February 9 and local orders will be available for delivery or pick-up on the 11th. ?Hmmm, that’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. ?Imagine that.

You aren’t just helping me get to China, but 3 amazing youth too.

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