He peed on my woobie

I admit it. I have a woobie. Only those very familiar with the movie “Mr. Mom” will know what a woobie is. My woobie was a gift from my in-laws when I had my surgery. It is a super soft blue blankie that I kept with me the entire 3 days in the hospital, is always on our sofa and will occasionally accompany me to bed. I love my woobie. I cry a little when I have to put it in the wash.

So yesterday afternoon the boy got up from his nap and said, “potty please.” My previous attempts at potty training have resulted in me wanting to run and scream from the house. This new anti-depression drug has greatly improved my patience. So much so that I didn’t totally flip out when I knocked a soy sauce off the grocery store shelf and it broke all over my new shoes. Anyway, the boy asks to go on the potty so I pull out the potty chair and proudly place him on the potty. By this time I’ve missed my chance and he had already soaked the diaper. Either way he sat on the potty. I then gave him the option of diapers or big boy pants and he opted for the big boy pants. Thus another foray into potty training began.

I changed approximately 400 pairs of wet big boy pants yesterday. We took bets on if he was standing in a puddle of his own urine or not. We went outside to play and the lawn mower scared him so he peed. We’d put him on the potty with no success, take him off and find him less than 2 minutes later with pee running down his leg. This is gonna be fun.

I had a meeting at the church last night so I left the boy in the very capable hands of his father. I come home, boy is in bed, husband is on the couch and I go to use the potty myself. My beloved precious woobie is in a laundry basket with all the other pee soaked clothing from the day. I ask the trusty husband if the boy peed on my woobie. His reply, “yes.” Not only did the boy pee on my woobie, he totally soaked my woobie. After the woobie soaking incident the husband let the boy run around in wet underpants to see what it felt like. By the time he took him for a bath his underpants were sliding off and his shirt was starting to get wet. I have no clue how this small child could produce so much urine. He isn’t that big.

The good news is that the boy did finally pee on the potty last night. The bad news… he stripped off his pjs last night and slept in just a diaper all night. Needless to say, he was a little cold this morning. And no, he has not peed on the potty for me yet, but he’s been dry for almost 2 hours now!

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  1. NEAL says: Reply

    So I read the post, saw “meeting at church last night,” and said, wha?

    Then remembered that Monday has passed and I missed it, the meeting that is.


  2. I am laughing over here…and the best (and probably most pitiful) part about that story was the fact that the lawnmower scared the pee out of him. Bless his heart…he will get it! In the meantime, keep your woobie tucked away where he can’t pee on it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. poor woobie!!!

  4. Jessica says: Reply

    Congrats on the new foray into potty training! I hope this time is quick and easy!! We haven’t made any potty progress in quite some time… Quin won’t even sit on the darn thing now! Or even wear his favorite undies over his diapers. Humph.

    Sorry to hear about the woobie; I hope it doesn’t get soaked again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh potty training. It is SO not fun. I think I’d keep my kids in diapers forever if I could, I dislike potty training that much. Thankfully R~ decided to potty-train herself (for the most part) and Zeeb came mostly potty trained. Anyway, all that to say you have my sympathy and I hope he catches on to the potty concept very quickly this time.

  6. Gotta say … even us seasoned, potty-training pros aren’t exactly celebrating beginning the deed on the third and final bebe. But we’re hopeful, she appears willing. But can it be done in time for preschool …

  7. Debbie says: Reply

    Poor Woobie! Hope the potty training starts to improve rapidly.

  8. Alli says: Reply

    As if taking care of a toddler isn’t hard enough already! We’re in the throws of potty training as well. After our first day a posted an entry on our Blog titled “Mutiny on The Potty”. I wanted to quit right then and there but stuck it out. Luckily things have settled down and the kiddies are making progress. Be brave, buy lots of underpants.
    (no, I didn’t vote but I will)

  9. M- says: Reply

    Poor little guy, I have a great image of him standing out in the lawn, scared to death of the lawn mower. And your poor, poor woobie…I feel badly for it, even if the whole story did make me laugh out loud.

  10. Rhonda says: Reply

    Oh I feel your pain. Our laundry pile is full of wet pants. I guess your woobie has officially been broken in now !!!

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