Happy with a side of turtle shell

Not to self: don’t post poignant stuff on Fridays. ?I should also add to that post, among the sobbing that the child said, “I just really wanted a mom and a dad.” ?Doesn’t that just break your heart? ?I’m still slightly disturbed by the whole incident.

Moving on.

After 2 years of seeing my acupuncturist I think we’ve finally gotten a groove going on. ?The groove gets disrupted by shiny objects on occasion, but that is my problem. ?A few months ago I mentioned some issues I had with concentration and a few other personal matters. ?So Lisa* whipped up an herbal formula to help with such matters. ?It just so happens that this particular formula has turtle shell in it. ?She assures me that it is humanely “harvested” turtle shell, but shell nonetheless. ?Like usual she gave me the herbal formula in a way that I had to make tea out of it. ?This particular tea wasn’t that pleasant tasting (are they ever?) and of course I got distracted by something shiny. ?However, when I remembered to make (and actually drink the tea) it worked.

I had this brilliant idea to ask if she would take my remaining herbs and grind them into a powder and encapsulate them. ?They do this for a not so small fee. ?So now I take 8 of these big capsules a day and get shit done. ?As in getting it done with a smile on my face. ?It’s amazing.

There’s no real point here. ?I just thought I would share.


*oddly, my acupuncturist is also named Lisa. (um… that’s my name for the noobs)

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    My coworker use to drink this herbal tea she got from specialist and I swear it smelled like Ass… I don’t know how she drank that stuff.

    I am much better with pills

  2. DebiP says: Reply

    I want/ need these…send some my way…PLEEEEEZE…I will pay you good money for them…I am not joking either

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