Happy Eater

‘The majority of people are stress eaters. I believe I have mentioned that I am not one of them on more than one occasion. I am the opposite. I am a stress not-eater. This too is a bad thing. During the near 2 years of our adoption process I lost close to 15 or 20 pounds. This is not necessarily weight that I could stand to lose. Sure, I needed to drop a few pounds, but not like I did. Add to that the fact that I basically lived overseas for a month with oh so wonderful Russian cuisine and walking miles upon miles a day and you have one skinny lady. Oddly though, with still a big ass. Go figure.

I will say that since we have been home I have not had the usual symptoms associated with eating that I normally get. Like the feeling like I want to throw up every time I put food in my face. Instead I have now discovered that chocolate is my new best friend. This harkens back to the time when Dr. Awesome took that giant tumor out of my uterus. Evidently that mass was blocking a right of womanhood. A serious love of chocolate. Tumor gone, chocolate in. My ass thanks you greatly.
There is, however, a downfall with the onset of happiness. Eating. Eating is a good thing. I love food. I love to cook. But my consumption of food has grown exponentially. I have eaten more in the last 2 weeks than I have eaten in the last 2 years. Aaaaannnnndddd!!!! It is Halloween. Damn you candy makers for creating your delicious snack sized candy bars that this woman seems to believe she can eat 14 in a day. Damn you all to hell!

Oh and what is worse… today is Hockey Day. What exactly is hockey day? Hockey Day is when the boys take the ice for another fun-filled, action-packed season of the Boxcapades. Only the single best day of fall. No more of gouging my eyes out having to watch baseball. Nooooo. Fast paced, fairly simple rules, and a little bit of fighting. In honor of Hockey Day the boy and I decided to make a cake. Ok, the boy is 2 and thinks that hockey is just a piece of art on his wall, but hey… this is my fantasy. So chocolate cake it was. Now one can?t have cake without ice cream.

So let?s count shall we? Little candy bars (2 bags for $4), chocolate cake & ice cream. I can kiss my 20 pounds good-bye.

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