Handmade Sampler Review

I know many of you are close to finished with Christmas shopping, or at least I hope you are.? I am personally done, with the exception of a few gifts that I am making myself.? I got all of my shopping done before chocolate season started so that I didn’t have to worry about it.? It worked out well if you ask me.

After Christmas I’ll do reviews of all of the Etsy sellers that I purchased from.? Not because they asked me to, but because they were all so awesome I thought I owed them that.

To help with a little last minute shopping I am going to do a review week.? A few weeks ago I submitted my name to receive a package from Handmade Sampler at Etsy.? This is much like the Little Black Box, only I didn’t have to pay for it.? She picked me and I agreed to do a review of all of the sellers.? It is a way for artists to send small samples of their work to people and get their name out.? It is a great idea.

My sampler came a few weeks ago and I am just now getting around to doing the review.? I apologize for no photos.? I may take some later and upload them to my Picassa acct, but I dissasembled the goodie bag so quickly and forgot to take photos.

So here goes.

Out on a Whim Studio:

Cute stuff if you are in to Shabby Chic.? This isn’t my personal style, but she has a wide range of price points and the products look well made.

Views from Paradise:

The artist doesn’t have a website listed to view more of the products.? They sent a 4×6 photo that I was very intrigued with and I’d like to see more.

Zuppa Artista:

I love this artist.? Not only is the shop banner killer, but the artwork is something that I might actually buy.? I don’t have any additional wall space, but if I did I might get something for my office.


Very cute stuff, and I might buy something if I ever had a girl.

Mattie Reid Chicago:

I hearted this shop right away.? She sent a cute button ring as a sample and I wore it for 3 days straight.? The only thing I’m not so sure about is that the rings are adjustable.? Otherwise, quite nice.

A Sentimental Affair/ Crafty Ladies:

Kitchy little items that aren’t quite my style.? When I first visited this shop the shop announcement said that they wouldn’t be shipping after some date in November.? If I had liked this stuff I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything for Christmas as the sampler came after the date.? The shop announcement has now changed.

Twilight Knits:

Beautiful hand dyed yarn.? Kinda makes me want to relearn to knit.? However, no actual sample was in the bag.? Just a card.? I would suggest adding a sample of the yarn so people have something tangible to touch.

Floating Jewlery Design:

I love the sample ring that was sent, but there was nothing listed in the store.? I was a little bummed about this.

Wren Willow:

Something totally different for baby.? My kind of unique.

I Find Hope:

Cute idea, but I don’t know that I would purchase them.

Hawaii Monkey:

She did origami gift tags that are very well made and beautiful.? Unfortunately, there was nothing listed in the shop when I visited.? There still isn’t, but if you look at the things that have been sold they are very cute.

Happy Monster:

This seller sent a little monster felt pin that I thought was cute, but again, nothing in the shop.

Handmade Sampler:

She sent a fairy charm that was quite sweet.? I want to thank her for the opportunity to do this.? I learned quite a bit about other sellers and found a few that I really like.

There were are few shops that either didn’t have products in them or that the concepts were not somthing that I found particularily interesting.

Art Pins

Funky Pencils (no website)

Custom Dog & Bandanas & Pet Products

Stick ’em

Scrapbook Business Cards

It’s Very Cute

What I found confusing about all of this is the number of sellers that didn’t have any product in their stores.? I know that many could have sold out quickly.? However, if I personally went through the trouble to put together a bunch of samples I would do so know there is a bunch of product in my store to sell.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out! You have a lot of great finds here and I’ve enjoyed looking through them. Thank you for your effort and for supporting the hand made movement.

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