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For quite a while I’ve wanted to set up my own Etsy shop.? There are only so many handbags I can make for myself.? I’ve hoarded way too much fabric and something has to get done with it.? I finally bit the bullet and got that checked off my list.? Now the task becomes actually listing everything (which is not the easiest task in the world).? I had to describe everything, type it all up, take decent photos, edit the photos and decide on a price for the items.? Putting a value on stuff I make is always hard for me.? I usually give everything away.? But since money is tight around these parts I’m selling.

I currently have 3 handbags listed (I sold one this afternoon), 2 quilts and a few lavender eye pillows (with lavender from my very own garden).

One of the quilts is a bitter sweet sale for me.? I originally made it to sell it.? That was always the intent.? But it sat around in our house for quite a while and then one day I hung it on the wall.? I was tired of the cat laying on it (I’ve since cleaned the cat hair off).? I’ve grown fond of the quilt and there is a little story that goes with it.? It is an adoption quilt and to me it tells our adoption story.? The little story is listed with the description on the item.

Go check out my stuff.? Here or follow the link over there —>? The adoption quilt is the Forever Home Adoption Quilt.? I am always making new stuff (mostly bags) and hope to have a few new fun items listed n the next few weeks.

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  1. Tricia says: Reply

    Your stuff is great! I wish I could make stuff.

  2. mom says: Reply

    Yup, artsy fartsy!

  3. Don’t ya just love etsy? Good for you for taking the plunge! Your stuff looks great.

    I find listing the stuff (taking the photos, editing them, writing the descriptions) soooo much more tedious than making the stuff! It’s half the battle! Good luck with your shop.

  4. Lauri says: Reply

    Loving those eye pillows.. as soon as the asshats at paypal give me my money back.. I am buying one..

    go crafty girl go

  5. Ok, I’m feeling inadequate here. You are so freaking Martha with the home made bread and planned menus each week from the farmers market…now you are crafty too! Sigh…I feel accomplished if I shower and both kids are fed and not screaming.

  6. Jess says: Reply

    Ooooooh. nice, nice!!

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