For the kitty fans I thought I would give you a little more insight into their little personalities.  We’ll start with Hammond since he is the most likely to sit still for a photo.

Hammond (aka Hammy or Hamster) is the most subdued of the bunch.  He will play with his brother and sister, but only when the mood strikes him.  However, if he wants to play then they best be ready.  Hammond will let you pick him up, cuddle him and he will purr and melt into you.  He prefers to lay in the sun and reminds me so much of Julius.

Are Hammond’s eyes blue?  Mostly.  It depends on how the light hits them.

This is the best photo of what his eyes are actually like.  They are the most beautiful green on the inside and soft blue on the outside.

The best part about Hammond… his fur.  He has the most soft cottony fur you’ve ever felt.  It is like his is a floofy cat, but with short hair.  You have to feel it to understand and that just means more cuddles for my little man.

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  1. JC says: Reply

    He is so cute. Orange boys are a handful. I know. I have a four year old, Riley, who still runs around like he’s a kitten.

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    so cute.. reminds me of our Maxi boy

  3. sourpuss says: Reply

    Did you name him after Richard Hammond on the BBC show “Top Gear”? Cuz, if so, I love both Hammonds to bits. 😀

  4. Auntie G says: Reply

    Is his tummy feeling better? Hope so….very cute.

  5. Elle says: Reply

    Sourpuss: He was the first one we opted to change the name of. I was looking through british names and Hammond jumped out at me. I suggested it to my husband and he then laughed and suggested we name Truman Clarkson and Fiona May. That was the original plan until we got them home. Hammond is the only one we changed the name on. The funny part about it is that our Hammond is the biggest of the kittens.

    G: yes, his tummy is feeling better.

  6. sourpuss says: Reply

    I love it! And I look forward to seeing more of these babies. I’m always happy when the itty bitties get adopted & their new parents keep us informed about how they’re doing. 😀

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