Hair today (maybe) gone tomorrow

The warm weather has set in around here and I think it might be here to stay. ?Which totally sucks because I hate having to water my garden so much in June. ?Of course with the warm weather comes me hemming and hawing over my hair. ?One would think that since I already have short hair I wouldn’t have an issue anymore. ?Trouble is the mop on my head is rather thick and unruly. ?I had a hair cut about 4-5 weeks ago and I keep forgetting that it’s been that long. ?Mostly because I was sick for a good week and a half of that and blocked that part out. ?Now I find myself looking in the mirror and saying, “why the hell does my hair look like shit?” ?Oh riiiight… I need a haircut. ?Damn it’s hot outside. ?Where’s that razor?

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m digging my bangs. ?That is if they are trimmed. ?I also was not happy with the last cut I got from the new stylist. ?I think I put too much pressure on her to rush and I screwed myself with that. ?I think I may hang my tail between my legs and return to my old stylist. ?She does a killer job when I come armed with a picture. ?And she’s a kick ass colorist.

Herein lies the problem. ?Do I be so bold as to go dramatic short? ?I’ve had very short haircuts before and loved them. ?I also loved my long hair (in the winter). ?When it’s hot I much prefer the short cut. ?I can’t style it in a wide array of looks, but it is easy to manage. ?I have a face that carries a short cut well, but as I’ve aged my hair has gotten curlier. ?I don’t know if that will effect a short cut in a bad way.

So here are a few of the cuts that I’m thinking about.

Super cute and sassy
Little longer in the front or

They are all a variation of a pixie cut. ?That is what I was leaning towards when I switched to the new stylist. ?She talked me into what I have. ?Give me your opinions. ?Do I do it and which one? ?I don’t have a hair appointment set yet, but if I work up the courage I might try to get one for Friday. ?Oh and color, what color? ?And mom, don’t give me the “you’re beautiful no matter what” gig. ?I feel like an old crusty mom right now and need a change (can you tell my birthday is in 20 days?).

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    Love the first one- I say go for it. Keep the bangs. I too am loving my bangs, like you said.. they are great if they are short enough to not be a nuisance

  2. Margaret says: Reply

    I love the first one, too. But (unless you’re better with hair than I am) I have a feeling that it would be one of those haircuts that looks great when you’re leaving the salon and just looks like a mess when you do it. That being said, I like the third option.

  3. Kim Hartman says: Reply

    i LOVE number 1. I know you can pull it off, you have the face for it. And the sassy attitude! 🙂

    I like the idea of a medium chestnut with golden highlights, subtle and still sassy.

  4. christen says: Reply

    i think 1 and 3 are the same, but 1 is just spiked. very cute. reminds me of alice cullen… yes, i just referenced twilight. ugh. i’m one of those!

  5. mom says: Reply

    Well…… I too love bangs but if worn long the first day you leave the stylist, in a weeks time they’re, “eeeeew.” It would push YOU over a cliff, so I choose no 2!
    You?re beautiful no matter what. (sorry

  6. Lauri says: Reply

    I forgot to add my color two cents.. what is your natural hue?… I would say highlights or low lights to add dimension. It seems that I have had no luck with professional all over color, nothing is as shiny as virgin hair and highlights can add ummph and texture.

    No harm in going back to your old stylist.. I think that most professional’s would agree that you need to shop around now & then. I think she will be happy in general that you have come back to her.

  7. I like the Beck-ish one, or runner up the little longer in the front.

  8. Heather says: Reply

    Sorry….I don’t like any of them. I actually loved your hair on Saturday! If I had to pick one, I’d say no.3. I still think you look good with the “Kate Gosslin” look. Happy choosing!

  9. Kiera..and strawberry blonde!

  10. Love the first one and wish I could wear my hair like that!

  11. Amy says: Reply

    I am going with the majority here…number one is super sassy!!!

  12. Tricia says: Reply

    holy crap you are talking short!

  13. Willow says: Reply

    dude-of course you need to choose the one that matches your personality-SASSY!!!! plus its really cute! 🙂

  14. Kami says: Reply

    LOVE the 1st one!! Go for it!

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