Great big beer, little tiny lady

I’ll write more about the asking to rock another day. I’m still trying to figure it out myself.

When one’s child is awake at 5:30 a.m. assume they are going to have a crappy morning. It is just safer that way. We tried to lay in bed as long as possible, but eventually the two year old won out. We dined on continental breakfast with a tour group of gray hairs from Georgia then headed out.

Anchorage is a relatively small town. It doesn’t take long to get from one side to the other. And only in Anchorage would there be a park right at the end of the runway of an international airport. Also, one of the busiest air cargo airports around. This is where we thought we would spend our morning. The instant we got out of the car a 747 flew right over our heads. The trusty husband and I thought is was cool. Little boy with sound sensitivity not so much. We walked down the trail with planes flying over every 2 minutes until the boy said, “back car.” Ok. Once we got back to the car he said, “more air-pane!” Gah. We tried a few other places, but the other park was having a moto cross this morning. 747s, dirt bikes… we couldn’t win.

By the time we got back to the hotel the boy was asking for nap. He never does this. We obliged and put him down for a nap. Then it was time to meet the infamous Olga (our adoption coordinator).

Olga is a kick! A sweet lady who is extremely energetic. She is totally in love with the boy and the strangest thing was the boy was not afraid of her at all. Usually he is very cautious around strangers. Not Olga. He fell in love with her from the second he saw her.

After lunch we walked around downtown then headed out for a drive. I’m damn determined to get some great photos. The sun was shining so we drove down the Seward Highway.
Very pretty. Much like home only bigger.

One of the best parts of the day came at dinner. We decided to eat at Boston’s. It’s a Pizza joint here. They have them in BC, but not in WA. It must be a Canadian chain because they had Molson Canadian ON TAP! We ordered two of their “schooners.” Damn. I couldn’t lift the glass with one hand. Best. damn. beer. evah. I would eat there every night just for the beer.

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  1. Nancy says: Reply

    I was hoping you’d put a picture of Olga up. That is not what I imagined her looking like, although I can’t really say what I thought she looked like exactly, just that that isn’t it.

    I think you may need 1 of those beers per day for the duration of your trip. We like to stay at Marriott Courtyards for the free cocktail hour. Mom & Dad + kids on vacation = need for cocktails.

  2. mom says: Reply

    Wow! I didn’t know you were meeting Olga. It’s fascinating to me how many people have touched your life through Oleg. Sounds like even with a few OBSTACLES you’re having fun. Yea!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lee says: Reply

    Love the beer photos! Did you actually finish it?!?! I know my brother could, but could you? You are THE WOMAN if you did:)! I love the photo where it looks as if you’re on your second one of those “pitchers”, HA!
    Kisses to you and my nephew!

  4. Heather says: Reply

    Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Thanks for the photos!

  5. Esther says: Reply

    Wow, is this the infamous AIA Olga? Cool.

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