Goodbye 2006!

I had this great idea to do the Year in Review meme, but I got to August and thought that was just about the most boring thing you could ever read. My readership is already down why subject those remaining few to drivel about nothing.

Life in the Elle household is, for lack of a better word, boring. I have a sick and cranky baby. The trusty husband has some kind of dryness on his scalp and he is forever saying, “honey, come here and look at this… I think I have ringworm.” For the love of god he doesn?t have ringworm. We need to switch shampoo is all. But of course the problem isn?t with me so I don?t even think about it. I?m a caring wife like that.

I could wax poetic about how the year has changed our lives forever, but I?m not sentimental like that. Yeah, snicker all you want. I won?t admit it.

Big fat toasts to you all! May your 2007 be filled with fun and frivolity, and may 2006 remain a distant memory.

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