Good news, it’s not broken

Last Wednesday I spent the majority of the day in my kitchen standing. ?Without shoes on. ?By that evening my foot was in terrible pain. ?I was fairly certain that it was just because I stood all day. ?Without shoes on.

I have horribly bad feet. ?They are pancake flat. ?If I have to stand for long periods of time I need shoes. ?Moreover, shoes with a certain kind of support. ?I’ve found that Birkenstocks fit the bill. ?I’ve worn them for years when I had jobs that required me to stand for long periods of time. ?So much so that I’ve worn the sole and most of the cork off of one pair. ?In recent years I’ve discovered that Crocs are a nice fill in. ?However, me being as dumb as I am, forgot to put on shoes.

Thursday morning came and my foot still hurt. ?I really did a number on it. ?Friday… still hurt. ?By Saturday I was beginning to question my standing and began wondering if I had accidentally run into something and broken my foot. ?Sunday wasn’t much better. ?By Sunday I was significantly limping and no amount of foot support or type of shoe was going to fix the problem. ?We went to a Super Bowl party (where I spent a portion of it playing Wii bowling while sitting) and right around half time I was asking the trusty husband if the hockey bag was in the car because I was going to use sock tape to tape up my foot to see if that helped. ?We didn’t. ?I just limped around some more.

The good news is today my foot hurts less than it did yesterday. ?This leads me to believe that 1) I stood too long without shoes on and 2) yes, I am dumb.

Hopefully tomorrow it will feel even better and I can get to work on that 5 miles a week walking goal.

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  1. Neelie says: Reply

    It’s probably Plantar Facciitis (sp?) – I get the same thing. Next time put a small plastic water bottle in the freezer (pour a bit out first) and when it is frozen roll your sore foot over it on the floor for 20 minutes twice a day (I just stick it under my desk while I work). Also stretch your calves really well twice a day (the kind of stretch you do before a run) – that sounds weird but if your calves are stretched it relieves some of the tension on the plantar faccia, which is a tendon across the bottom of the foot.
    Good luck! It is sooo painful, I had a bad bout that lasted 4 weeks once!

  2. Auntie G says: Reply

    Perhaps some of the ArnaCare cream would work too. Even if your foot doesn’t look swollen, it may be and the ArnaCare would help that.

  3. joel413 says: Reply

    I had that after a 10K once, it probably is plantar Faccitis, my chiropractor did some manipulation of my foot and calves and the pain was gone almost immediately, still tender but much better. I’m glad it’s getting better.

  4. lauri says: Reply

    you know I hurt my foot like that once in my sleep…. just bent it weird and it hurt for days

    glad you are feeling better

  5. Lee says: Reply

    I agree, sounds like Plantar Fasciitis. Your BIL has that and I got it while pregnant. The ice bottle trick is great, as is rolling your foot over some time of small rubber ball or tennis ball, to loosen the tension in your foot. And as you already know, good support is key (W. bought great inserts, not that expensive, at the running store. He has them in in running shoes and work boots). Also, ibuprofen or motrin would definitely help.

  6. Heidi says: Reply

    Birkenstocks ~ I once had them repair my sandals. It was cheaper than buying a new pair. See if the company still does this.
    Feel better!

  7. BIL says: Reply

    Just try drinking man its the cure. All the cool kids do it!!

  8. Elle says: Reply

    BIL, Done.

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