Good Lord! Where did Christmas come from?

Did anyone else notice that Christmas is only 6 days away. Ok, in my house only 6 days. We celebrate the majority of Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve. 6 days people. I haven?t even started my shopping yet! As of right now everyone is getting a Douglas Fir branch in their stocking because I have an over abundance of those littering my yard. That or a soggy Fir cone. I haven?t even taken the boy to see the big fat man in red yet. Of course I haven?t gone to get his social security number yet either.

For those of you who missed my melodrama yesterday, my site was hacked by a moron. And no… they didn?t redirect to a lude P0rn site. It was to a goth like anti-american thing that was in a word foul. I am still steaming over it. The monkeys at the hosting site couldn?t help me. They tried to blame it on WordPress. The just advised me to back up frequently and change my password. Now I?m on the hunt for more security stuff. Stupid monkeys.

So now the proof that my child can sleep through a hurricane and my open letter to those of my same gender are lost forever. Sad really. That ladies and the washroom thing was kinda funny.

On the boy front, I am starting to be less irritated at my child. We have a nice little thing with me feeding him and him not throwing food going on. That is until I put a cup of cheerios down for him to graze at and he immediately lays the smack down on them. Then tries to eat them off the floor. In a word ewww. Does this kid not realize it has been a while since I?ve swept the floor. Fortunately with me feeding him is is finally starting to put on weight. Hallelujah! I?m gonna have to bust out the next size up in clothing. Bummer. He won?t look like a miniature nerd in the highwaters.

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