Going, going… gone

I want to thank the multitudes of you who helped with the mural decision.? It really was a tough one for me.? Change is always difficult and even more so when you put your heart into something.

In the end Kathou came up with the winning idea.? Although chalkboard paint is a good one, we have a big chalk board already and I can’t have additional chalk dust floating around our house for personal allergy related reasons.

I painted over it.? It was tough.? I even asked the boy his opinion.? He suggested filling in the white parts.? Not exactly what I had in mind.

I said a nice good-bye to my dear friend and whipped out the Kilz2.? Of course I photo documented every step.? I’m still getting used to it being gone, but for now I’m ok with it.

There were a quite a few reasons for wanting to get rid of it.? I was in need of a change.? When life gets rough I wish I could run away from things, but responsibility keeps me put.? The best I can do is make some sort of change that isn’t so dramatic as to upset the balance of life.? (ie, my mom freaking out over mere mention of moving to Wisconsin)? All of this is contrary to my aversion to change, but it is necessary for my sanity.

The mural is gone.? I’ll repaint it on to some canvas at some time, but for now I have a nice display for an actual “stained glass” that I did that is a Frank Lloyd Wright Sumac replica.

Stay tuned for some interesting Mommy Wars and a special Life of Elle Political Edition (be afraid, be very afraid).

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  1. Jenny says: Reply

    Looking good! I love that color…and do you win the Mommy Wars? Plus, I have coffee for you…

  2. Bev says: Reply

    I’m sorry I wasn’t more help, but knew you would make the best decision for you. I have to say the room looks gorgeous and much larger than it did. The color looks even more yummy, so luv it, luv it, LUV IT!! Luv ya, MIL

  3. Lena says: Reply

    I like it!

    Can’t wait for another mom’s perspective on the mommy wars.

  4. mom says: Reply

    Change is like seasons, sometimes difficult but necessary. Opening doors to new ideas… other then the Wisconsin thingy. 😀

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    Love it

  6. Kathou says: Reply

    Love it, love it, it opens the room so much.

  7. Jenni says: Reply

    I like it! Glad you took the plunge and painted over your masterpiece. It makes quite a difference in the room.

  8. Sandy says: Reply

    Your room looks great! Wish I could come over and spend some time in it.

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