God, help me!

During road trips D and I (ok mostly me) like to talk about dreams for our life. It actually is my way of getting D to talk about his feelings, but that is a different story.

So on this trip to Canada I started asking, "if you could do anything in the world what would it be?" D wants to be a professional golfer. Of course he thought this was totally unrealistic, but I thought otherwise. Ok, maybe playing on the PGA tour was a little unrealistic, but being a golf pro is not. You have to go to school for it. Of course the school is in Florida and we live in Washington, but hey it isn’t unrealistic.

What do I want to do? Oh the possibilities. What don’t I want to do is more like it. I told D that there is so much out there I want to do, but I am running out of lifetime. How can that be at my age? That just goes to show you how long my list actually is.

The big thing I want to do is own my own store. I have lots of ideas of what type of store I would like to have. We had talked about a Play it Again Sports. I thought about starting a landscape design studio that would be an intern program for new designers. But the thing I think would be the most fun is starting my own boutique style floral shop. Not one of these floral shops where they sell all that gifty crap or tons of shit people really don’t need, but one of those sleek, refined shops. You know, the type of place that the average joe is intimidated to go into. I want it to be like that, only the average joe would be welcome in my shop.

I know, this sounds nuts. I always come up with these ideas that just sit there in my mind or I try them and fail miserably. I have a feeling that this is a flavor of the month type of idea. I do this all the time. The good news is, so far I have not purchased a book on the subject. In fact I do not own a single floral design book. but the catch is that I actually started looking up schools that teach floral design. There are 2 in my area. One is at the local technical college, the other is actually a floral design institute in Seattle.

I cannot believe I would even consider going back to school, let alone for something that I already know how to do. Of course I have never worked as a floral designer or in a flower shop for that matter. I just know that I love flowers, I like the creative aspect of it and it would give me the chance to own my own store front.

Someone please stop me. Can someone please show me where the brain "off" switch is?

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