Go Elle, it’s your birthday

It doesn’t feel like it, but today is my birthday. ?Up until this moment I always thought I had a Summer birthday. ?The weather is currently 55 and cloudy. ?It doesn’t look like it is going to get much better.

Look at me, it’s my birthday and I’m talking about the weather. ?I must be getting old. ?So how old am I? ?Last week I had to use a calculator to figure it out. ?Seriously. ?Once I turned 30 I lost track. ?Of course if I put two and two together (although at my advanced stage of aging that is more difficult than it seems) I would realize that we brought the boy home the year I turned 30 and this September we will celebrate our 4th Gotcha Day. ?That makes me 34.

I know, not really old.

I don’t have any huge plans for the day. ?I work this afternoon and I received my gift from the trusty husband over the weekend. ?I got a little netbook (which I’m typing this post on). ?I lurves me my little netbook. ?If only it were purple.

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  1. lauri says: Reply

    Happy B-day baby!

  2. Happy Birthday! You know, if you really wanted a summer birthday, you could come to Alabama, where it’s 94-degrees and 60% humidity. Then, we could celebrate in style…suffocating & sweaty & all!

  3. Happy birthday (yesterday)! It was 100 here if that makes you feel more like you have a summer birthday.

  4. Willow says: Reply

    you’re not old till you can get a senior discount or you start wearing depends, right?



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