Getting out

For the record I have not finished my bottle of Russian Standard.? In fact, I haven’t even opened it yet.? I am a hoarder of booze.? I have 1 bottle of vodka left from when we picked the boy up.? (Saving that for a special occasion like a Tuesday).? And a bottle of really nice Tequila that frankly is hiding in the back of the cupboard because I can’t even get close to it, but won’t let the trusty husband use for margaritas.? That there’s shootin’ tequila (I just don’t recommend doing it with a Mexican, on a Tuesday).

I was able to get the mop on my head cut yesterday.? Followed by a nice outing to have coffee with the trusty in-laws.? Then it was off to the (wrong) hospital to visit my grandmother.? I have this knack for going to the wrong hospital to visit people.? I wandered around the 3rd floor of my home town’s large hospital looking for my mother once.? I couldn’t figure out why they would put her on a floor with no actual rooms.? Yeah… she was in the hospital across town.? Yesterday… same thing.? I looked like a fool asking what room my grandmother was in.? The lady looked and looked, but couldn’t find her.? Then in a snarky tone said, “Did you try Capital Medical?”? I’ll get right on that because obviously she’s not here.? In the end I found my grandmother (at cap med) and we had a nice visit.

Today I get a little bit of freedom again!

I’m headed to Frost Park for the weekly Chalk Challenge sans trusty husband and the boy.? Then I’m off to Willow’s.? A little girlfriend time should do me good.? Now if I could just get the kid to stop screaming at me before I leave I would have a fantastic day.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Glad you’ve got an escape plan for the day!

  2. Amy says: Reply

    Where’s a pic of the new do?

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