Getting in touch with his feminine side

Scene: boy in bath tub

Boy rubbing his finger on the end of a tub crayon and then rubbing his face

Boy: I’m putting on make-up

Trusty Husband: What, are you going to go goth?

Boy: No, I’m Oleg.

Goes well with this photo.


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  1. NEAL says: Reply

    Teh geh?

  2. mom says: Reply


  3. Wow. I think I used to date someone who dressed like that.

  4. Willow says: Reply

    lovin the new months look! wow, i didnt know my boyfriend wore shoes like that! he has good taste 🙂 always go with the shine baby! might as well!!

  5. Good, good. Every parent needs future blackmail material.

  6. kate says: Reply

    love it!

  7. Super-stylin’! (My son enjoys blush.)

  8. Lauri says: Reply

    cute…. boy has good taste

  9. Not the point but great shoes!

  10. Kim says: Reply

    fabulous! thanks for sharing

  11. Kim says: Reply

    nearly forgot, love, Love, LOVE the new design!

  12. Heh, Quin also likes to walk around in heels – his friend Leila’s shoes, not mine (I’m still as incapable in heels as I was in HS). Enjoy the dress-up stage!

  13. Ani says: Reply

    Love the shoes. Our son loves my heels, the shinier and higher the better. He’s also a fan of my necklaces and bracelets… makes my husband cringe 🙂

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