Getting Better

Our luggage finally arrived at our house sometime on Sunday.  We don’t know when because we weren’t at home when it showed up.  I had a panicked moment on Saturday night thinking that since Delta couldn’t transfer the people correctly what makes me think they could possibly transfer luggage from one plane to the other.  So I phoned them.  At one point a person told me my bags were still sitting in Orange County.  I had given them the wrong bag numbers.  Then the person told me they had no record of us even checking our bags.  That made me go into shock and reach through the phone to strangle the person because inside my suitcase were important things.  Very important things like the boy’s woobie, my glasses and my bubble gun.  For the love of god my bubble gun.  How will I stop my child from screaming at me without it?  Then the lady said she thought she found them and gave me the numbers.  She said they were in Seattle and that an Alaska Air agent would have to go get them from Delta baggage claim.  However, I distinctly recall the Alaska baggage agent telling us Delta would transfer them to Alaska.  I then called Alaska and they were closed.  And then I had another drink.

In the morning I called Alaska to give them the bag numbers.  Of course the numbers that Delta gave me didn’t match the numbers Delta gave the baggage agent the night before.  I then proceeded to describe, in explicit, detail the contents of the bags.  By god I was not going to not be at home and have them deliver the wrong bags.  Why wouldn’t I be at home?  Because they gave us a 5 hour delivery window (do they know the cable company?) and oh I don’t know, we’ve been gone for a week and my mother-in-law is still in the hospital with a brain tumor!

Speaking of that… mom is actually in the in-patient rehabilitation unit at the hospital and doing great.  She has daily intense therapy and is working very hard at trying to get home.  She had most of Sunday off and we were able to spend time as a whole family visiting with her.  She won’t ever be exactly how she was, but we can now see the spark in her eye that is mom.  She is her old smart assy self and has a sense of humor to make fun of herself.  “Well, you could tell me, but it is a possibility that I won’t remember later anyway.”  That pretty much sums it up.  She is in good spirits and has people all over the world praying for her.

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